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Kroth the Dirt Golem | Boss, Hat, Bow and Schematic - MCModels Exclusive

Kroth the Dirt Golem | Boss, Hat, Bow and Schematic - MCModels Exclusive 2023-09-30


This pack contains:
  1. Kroth model with 16 animations.
  2. MythicMobs Files.
  3. Kroth Hat and Bow model.
  4. Kroth schematic.
  5. Basic CustomModelData setup for Kroth hat and bow.
  6. readme.txt (how to install)
  7. Free support.
Kroth the Dirt Golem Skills:
  1. Kroth aggressively hits and searches for players.
  2. Kroth jumps towards the player to hit him hard.
  3. Kroth detaches a rock from the ground to throw it at his target and then explode into smaller rocks.
  4. Possessed Emesis: Kroth vomits green magic from his mouth towards the players leaving a trail.
  5. Landslide: Kroth hits the ground, emerging rocks that explode into smaller rocks, or hit the ground detaching a rock and then destroy it with a blow, generating an explosion of smaller rocks.
  6. Hail Explosion: Kroth throw a rock from the ground to the sky to then explode into smaller rocks falling around him.
  7. Earthquake: Kroth hits the ground hard, creating an earthquake that will make lift and dizzy the players.
Extra info:
  1. You can change the Damage of attacks easily through Variables.
  2. In skills.yml file the lines of the titles are indicated so that they can be modified.
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