1. Aracnen

    The Icebreaker - Boss pack 2021-11-29

    This pack includes : The Icebreaker : 8 animations 7 different attacks (melee attack, ice bombs, peak shockwave, winter breath, impressive roar, summon, last stand move) Several sounds made from Minecraft Vanilla with pitch editing (ambient, attacks) Ice-Chibi (the little ice golems) : 4...
  2. ButterflyBullets

    {FREE PET} Healing Golem 1.2.2

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | HEALING GOLEM: | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This pet/golem has a 25% to healing you 2 hearts every time it attacks a mob along with having more health than a normal golem and giving whatever players in a certain radius around it strength, so make sure to keep it close to you when...
  3. D

    Amethyst Golem 2021-08-24

    4 New color variations! 3 New Amethyst themed Items! Behold in all its glory, The Amethyst Golem! Broken free from its geode prison the amethyst golem seems to destroy! Capable of ripping off spikes from its own body and spawning new golems to fight along side it! Can raise spikes from the...
  4. D

    Variety Mob Pack 1.0

    This mob pack requires the Model Engine plugin! What's included in the pack: A preset randomspawn system for each mob! Custom animated and textures models! A series of skills and AI behaviour's for an immersive experience! of course feel free to contact me on my discord channel linked in the...