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HappyHUD PremadePack [Vanilla & MMOCore]

HappyHUD PremadePack [Vanilla & MMOCore] 1.2.0

Added gradient-layout-wide, gradient-layout-vanilla, gradient-layout-vanilla-wide
If you're an old user, just need to update your layouts.
- Added simple instruction photo ver. More simple to use ~
- Fix an issue that hud move when value change on light-level, emerald, firework_rocket, arrow huds
- Now Support Thai language
If you don't want to update this, only need to update the gradient-layouts.yml in plugin\HappyHUD\layout

If you have any problem or advise, feel free to contact me.
Update to HappyHUD version.
Since MMOBars rewrote to HappyHUD , we can make more style of HUD with it.
So I arranged this pack into only one style. Other style HUDs would coming out as other pack in the furture.

- Gradient UI bars
- MMOCore support
- Absorption Effect in HP Bar
- Vault , MMOCore Armor Point, CheckItem HUDs, Light-level HUD

- wide layout [bars left and right on hotbar]
- other potion effect apply if possible

If there is any bug or advise, feel free to contact me.
- Added UNICODE support for Chinese, Japanese.(Unicode support in resource pack)

Based on beyond Unicode, Japanese and Chinese should be supported (for most common words)

- Added new icons for further update.
9x9 :


- Changed 18x18 icons size to 18 , for better resolution.
Forgot to set mana-icon change disabled in default.

To using the dynamic mana-icon and fill color, please follow the tutorial in pdf.

If there is any other question, feel free to dm me on Discord. Discord ID : CyberStorm3868#3249
- Change alignment due to version updating
- Adding soul-like layout
- New feature for dynamic mana bar change tutorial
- Air bar auto invisble when full is back...

If you don't want to use dynamic mana bar icon, edit part of the mana bar like below

type: prefix
offset: 0
text: '%mmocore_mana_icon%'
change to
type: prefix
offset: 0
text: '\uF005'


Only change configs to fix the alignment issue due to version changed.

If there is any other issue, please pm me on discord.

Adding layout-3 showing the mmo level and mmo class.
May have alignment issue if the string is too long.

‧ Adding layouts for choosing. (using /mmobars layout set [playername] [layout-name] to change)
‧ Adding simple tutorial and drawing method in the pack. If there is any question for using, please feel free to contact me.