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HappyHUD PremadePack [Vanilla & MMOCore]

HappyHUD PremadePack [Vanilla & MMOCore] 1.0.3

Very good purchase for an rpg server, especially if you intend to learn to use happyhuds, the author answers all your questions and solves most of your problems in a short time, Excellent!
Took some time to figure it out but the creator is super helpfull and walked me through it. BUY THIS IF YOU ARE GOING TO BUY A HAPPYHUD PACK!
Newest Version fixes all Problems and that resource looks amazing thx for the nice work =).

I love Layout1. Cool idea =).
Dont work at all. Ingame looks really messy, dont know what i do wrong with copy pasting the stuff into the folders but with that layout i get really hard messed up. The default ones from mmocore works just fine so i think there is a versionproblem because its not updated or something similar?

Pls update.
Could you pm me what your situation is ? I can't figure out your issue in this review.