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Cupid Goddess of Love

Cupid Goddess of Love 1.17.1+

  1. 1.17
Required Dependencies
Mythicmobs, MythicLibs, Libdisguise

This is a bullet hell boss
Require dodge skill
Basically she spam heart
Her skills are:
Phase 1:
- She will start the fight with a Bullet Hell Phase
+ In this phase she immortal
+ She will summon a ring of seals that prevent you to escape
+ She will shoot a wall of bullet forward her then her right then both
+ After the wall of bullet she will sweep?
+ And after she sweep she will dash as you (this very RNG idk why but sometime she wont dash where she warned)
+ During this phase you should not jump or fly cause the debuff Crippled
+ Her attack will inflict Charmed debuff which will cause you to take more 15% damage from any source
+ Love Arrow: She stay still shoot some arrow that will leave a trail of falling heart
+ Heart Barrage: She will fly above your head and summon 4 clone around you both Cupid and her clone will shoot Love Ray at you deal damage and debuff Charmed
+ Heart Delusion: She teleport around you 3 times and summon 4 Heart that will dash at you
+ Heartplosion: She stay still and after timer done she will boom cause peps damage and debuff Inlove to peps inside the radius
+ Inlove: Your attack will heal Cupid instead of deal damage to her the amount of heal is alway 10 no matter what you use to attack

Phase 2:
+ After she reach 50% she will heal fully and enter phase 2
+ She will shoot 9 spread bullet from up , down , left , right
+ The bullet phase stack with eachother
+ Super Love Arrow: She will shoot more frequently and the trail drop Heart Meteor more
+ Love Death Ray: She will stand still aim at you and shoot a death ray of love which slow you down and inflict the Inlove debuff if you touch the ray
+ Super Hearth Delusion: She will stay still shoot Love Ray from the seals to middle of the area (you can jump to dodge it if u like)
+ Super Heartplosion: Will explode and deal thing like phase 1 BUT now she will move instead of stay still

And that is Cupid Goddess of Love skills explain, if you don't understand my bad English you can watch the vids below
This boss require a loto' work so pwease don't steal it

Here the vid i fight her:

Here my discord id in case smth go wrong:
I do take commission as well, contact to my discord if ye wish xd

Rember to leave a rating so the other can know if this pack good or not! (Not necessary but recomended xd)
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