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Class Pack - Grovekeeper, Oathbreaker, Beastmaster, Afflicter 1.1.1

  1. 1.17
Required Dependencies
Mythicmobs, MMOCore, Libsdisguises, GlowAPI, PacketListenerAPI, PlaceholderAPI
Sorry I am absolute garbage with videos and there's no special video effects.

NOW FREE - As I have no plans of updating as of right now this pack will remain free. If I become interested again I may update, add new classes and sell it again! But as of now, Enjoy the free code and learning :)

Does not work in 1.18 as of now
Does not work in 1.18 as of now

Things to consider before purchasing

- Made on latest dev builds, paper 1.17.1
- Read the required dependencies
- Damage is not balanced, You will have to adjust damage values yourself to fit your own server
- Class stats are not balanced, You will have to adjust class stat values to fit your own server
- This pack is only intended to have unique functioning mythicmobs skills that are implemented into mmocore classes, as well as the mobs required used in these skills.
- I suggest updating classes, damage, class icons, skill icons, and skill lore to better fit your server as some skills share the same icons and are not visually appealing. This may be changed in the near future but as of right now it is not.


::This Pack Includes::

Oathbreaker class - Uses health as resource, tank, self-healing
Grovekeeper class - Can shapeshift between normal and wolf form, gaining new abilities
Beastmaster class - Summon a beast to fight along your side
Afflicter class - Warlock-like class dealing damage over time



What once was a Paladin came at great costs with a terrible wish to save his kingdom. The underworld now owns his soul and he fights on behalf of the souls. The Oathbreaker does not use mana as a resource and instead his skills cost health. He is intended to be a tank.

Wraith Form - Surround yourself in a shadow aura causing you to slowly heal over time
Spirit Armor - Sacrifice 10% of your health, after a delay heal for 30% max hp
Spectral Gauntlet - Smash all targets in a cone at the cost of 5% hp
Soul Leech - Rips the souls from your target to heal yourself and increase your damage resistance
Shadow Smash - Leap into the air, after a brief delay slam down on your target
Death Grip - Pull an enemy to your location



While really not excelling in anything, The Grovekeeper has learned balance and uses the force of nature to protect the grove. With great training they have learned to shapeshift, gaining new abilities. The Grovekeeper is a balanced class that mixes between ranged/healing support and a single target damage dealing wolf.

Shapeshift - Shape between Grovekeeper (normal player) form and Wolf Form, Allowing you to cast your abilities with different effects.
Earthen Fury - In Grove Form cast an AOE rockslide that damages and slows targets standing inside over time, In Wolf form damage and slow a single target for a greater amount
Eclipse - In Grove Form cast a projectile that purifies the target hit removing negative status effects, In Wolf Form lunge a short distance in front of you.
Lunar Maim - In Grove Form cast a lunar beam from the sky that deals damage over time to your target, In Wolf Form attack your target to cause them to bleed for more damage over time.
Survivial Instinct - In Grovekeeper Form increase your damage resistance for a short duration. In Wolf Form increase your movement speed for a short duration
Wardens Blessing - In Grovekeeper Form heals all allies in a radius around you over time, In Wolf Form increase your damage resistance for a short duration



Being a master of the jungle and archery, The Beastmaster can quickly take enemies out of battle. If he becomes outnumbered he can call his beast to fight along his side. The Beastmaster can summon a configurable Beast Ocelot to follow him around.

Summon Beast - Summon your own beast to fight by your side
Boomerang - Shoot an arrow that bounces between multiple enemies
Disengage - Leap backwards to save yourself from battle
Mend Beast - Heal your Beast
Poison Arrow - Shoot an arrow that causes damage over time
Vengeance - Shoot an arrow that knocks your target back



A master of chaos and destruction. The Afflicter curses their enemies with powerful attacks and DOTS (damage over time).

Burning Feet - Set your feet ablaze causing you to have increased movement speed
Chaos Bolt - Shoot a chaos projectile at your enemy
Corruption - Cause your target to take damage over time
Demon Sight - Open a portal to teleport a short distance in front of you
Soultap - Rip your targets lifeforce to heal yourself
Unstable Agony - Cause your target to take a small amount of damage over time which then explodes at the end causing them to take massive damage

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Latest updates

  1. Burning Feet

    - fixed a typo in burning feet
  2. Update to new modifiers

    - Updated all skills to include the new modifier placeholder - Fixed Soul Leech damage (idk why...
  3. Demon Sight

    - Added targetter for demon sight

Latest reviews

The classes were great in helping me learn how to build my own classes, I really enjoy the Oathbreaker and even more so the Afflicter! Set up your stats and you are mostly ready to go! All classes function and play well. I learned and added 3 more pets for the beastmaster! Thanks for the fun product.