What's new

* You can now choose to have no government, which is similar to Anarchy, but anyone can invite themselves to the town.
* Added a transition from Anarchy to No Government after a week of inactivity
* Added a fix that should allow players to finish their tutorials (thanks Rayzr522)

* You can now set regions so that they are added to new player's starting items. See the shelter as an example
* Adding input items one after another into a region will no longer bypass region cooldowns
* More error handling null biomes and invalid player data

* You can now enable safe-worldedit in config.yml so that you can't worldedit inside Civs regions
* Fixed a bug where global chat would break on some outdated server versions
* Re-included translation files in the plugin so you don't need to download the translations separately

* Added the ability to shift right click to lock on to a target and auto-fire TNT from the catapult
* Added 2 evolved stages to the catapult for faster rates for fire
* Removed the siege machines. Towns now take power damage similar to outposts
* Added customizable chat channel formats in config.yml
* Added Turkish language support
* Jammer traps no longer intercept teleports of 10 blocks or less