1. M

    Civs Premium v1.2.2

    Wiki | Source | Discord | Donate This is the premium version of Civs Summary Civs allows players to build towns that require houses, farms, defenses, or whatever you want. Players can build structures that can do just about anything. Civs is highly configurable with many optional features...
  2. M

    Civs v1.9.2

    Wiki | Source | Discord | Donate 1.15 version download 1.13 & 1.14 version download This is the renamed and improved version of Townships and HeroStronghold. Summary Civs allows players to build towns that require houses, farms, defenses, or whatever you want. Players can build structures...
  3. RenzzoG

    Question about faction mob

    I know there is a section that explains this, but my question is something different: I have a mini clan rpg server with my friends. although the configuration allows me to create mobs (guardians) that attack mobs of other factions. Is there a way for these mobs (guardians) to attack players...
  4. E

    Hiring Paid Need a simple plugin that extends MM faction restrictions. (and possible other things)

    PROBLEM: Currently, MM does not have any ability to differentiate groups of players. A super easy fix to this would be to allow players to be part of certain MMFactions (the ones present within MM YML AI config) Ya see, I've got a free, loose, faction based server, (not using "Factions" plugin...
  5. J

    Can a MythicMob only spawn in warzone?

    I'm making a faction server and want to have players be able to spawn Bosses in warzone, and they naturally spawn in warzone. The problem is, I dont know how to make it so players can't spawn it anywhere but warzone. Is this possible?
  6. tiradorus

    Plugin 'Factions' and RandomSpawner from MythicMobs

    Hi devs! I'm here to ask you something, could you add a ... compatibility between The plugin "Factions" and the RandomSpawner of MythicMobs? C'ause actualy, thoses twos plugins could easily work together, but with RandomSpawner, mobs appear into claimed lands, even when the flag of the claimed...
  7. Zomblad

    Need Help With "runaitargetselector" skill.

    Hello. I'm trying to make a skill, that allows mob to target animals at night time. But looks like it's not working. What I'm doing wrong here? It should work. Skills.yml: NightAttack: Conditions: - night true Skills: - runaitargetselector{target=specificfaction animal}...
  8. C

    Disable damage from other MythicMobs

    How to disable damage to MythicMob(MM) from other MMs or from same faction MM?
  9. dylansonfire

    PlatinumPVP Over 20+ Bosses, Mobs And Loot Glore :)

    PlatinumPVP - PlatinumPVP has many bosses and mobs to fight from. you can find them in the wild and you can awesome loot and keys to open awesome and badass crates. The server has many other features to GUNS Ranks Factions Mob Arena Custom Enchantments 10+ Crates Auction House Obtainable...
  10. Imeguras

    Can i connect Mithical mobs with Factions

    I know the title shouldnt be in this "Folder" but i have a problem that im trying to solve here it is: I want a Wolf to allie with the player who spawn him and the allys from the Faction of the player(faction from the factions plugin not factions in this plugin) also it have to atack neutral and...
  11. M

    Player and mob in a faction?

    Is it possible that if a player has the same faction of a mob or another player, they can't target or attack eachother? For example: there's a player in the orc faction with a orc (Zombie) and there is a player in the goblin faction with a goblin (Zombie). Both faction will attack eachother...