What's new
* Custom model data is now working COBBLESTONE*4^60 gives you 4 cobble with data 60
* Added use-war-enabled setting to config.yml so you can disable the whole war-enabled system
* Town owners can now destroy buildings in their towns without having to add themselves as an owner of the building first
* Missing requirements and missing blocks should now properly display the correct quantities even if the building is not a perfect cube
* Fixed the BukkitClassProvider bug on startup
* Achievement fireworks no longer damage you
* Slimes should no longer spawn in towns with deny_mob_spawn effect
* All chests in war disabled towns are now protected
* Other minor changes to new 1.19 building requirements
* Updated to include 1.19 features
* Added the obelisk, the first wonder building. Only one can exist. Gives great pvp gear, but makes you a target for every other war town
* Towns and players are now PvE by default. Towns can be attacked once they build war-enabled buildings (like the catapult, weapons factory, outpost, raid porter, etc.) Buildings will say in their description if they are war-enabled. If you want all towns to be war-enabled, then set the council-room or even shelter to war-enabled
* Added the mystic shrine, a building that allows members to fly once they walk inside. Flight is limited to the town boundaries and is cancelled if they enter combat
* Added the allay gathering, a farm for Allay
* Changed the sifter building so that it has a chance to create elytra, nether stars, or god apples
* Added the apothecary to give more potion ingredients
* Added the magma cube farm
* Added the cactus farm
* Fixed a bug with regions that cost money not properly detecting bank balances if there are multiple owners
* Catapults that are auto firing and run out of input (TNT) no longer blow themselves up
* Added a slime farm at level 4
* NPC housing now pays a small amount of money to the region owner every irl hour. This should help decrease the gap between solo and teams of players
* Towns should now alert all players when they are under attack by a catapult
* Catapults can no longer destroy themselves accidentally
* Elytra can now be repaired at the smithy using phantom membrane
* Embassies are no longer limited by player, but by town level
* Added a ceasefire setting so that you can disable town power damage from TNT during certain hours of the day.
* Added a setting for pvp-worlds. If empty, then this feature is disabled and war is enabled on all worlds (which is the default). Any town owner in a non-pvp world is safe from pvp and TNT will do no damage to their town power. However, if they become a member or owner of a town in a pvp-world, then all of their towns become war enabled and pvp is enabled for them.
* Added whitelist-worlds setting, which is the opposite of the blacklist worlds config. If empty, then it is ignored.
* Added a setting that will force players to drop elytras and riptide tridents when they are combat tagged.
* Various fixes to the smithy repairs so that you can now repair armor, bows, and most other combat items.
* Added a copper shop available at the settlement level
* Players can no longer get multiple shelters via a login bug
* Non-town owners can now use chat channels and other menu icons that were previously bugged
* Fixed a bug where you couldn't get mining exp from deepslate ores
* Fixed the teleport region effect. With this effect, you can allow players to build teleporters
* exp notifications are now action bar messages by default (reduces chat spam)
* rebalanced skills to be more challenging to master and provide more reasonable price discounts
* Fixed a bug that prevented the barracks1 and inn1 from appearing in the shop correctly
* Players can now build as many embassies as they want
* Nation claims now properly take cost items.
* Fixed a null bug with nation icons
* Fixed a bug where creating regions in towns without gov type limits would be blocked
* Fixed a bug where regions could not be built below y0
* Added the /cv poweradd and /cv powerrem commands to add and remove power from a town
* You can now restrict regions to only be built under certain gov types
* You can set a gov type to not appear in the menu when choosing a gov type
* Added /cv power [town name] [amount] as an admin command to set town power
* Refunds for destroying your own region are now configurable in config.yml
* Fixed an issue that caused the alliance invite button to not display sometimes
* Fixed the index of the alliance invite button
* Fixed it so enchanting skill exp is awarded even if classes and skills are disabled
* Disallowed items are no longer checked if classes and skills are disabled
* Removes console spam from chunk loading and unloading
* Fixed the warrior path by removing siege machines from it. Added more reward money to help cover costs
* Conveyors now remember the previous region they delivered too (even after a server restart). When a player is not within 5 chunks of the region, it will teleport items directly to the destination instead of spawning a mine cart
* The library now creates lots more exp bottles. This was done to make it a better alternative to mob farms
* Fixed some minor text bugs with alliance requests and alliance chat
* Fixed an incompatibility that allowed you to place shelters in Worldguard protected regions
* Fixed a bug where you could duplicate shelters by keeping one in your inventory, relogging, and grabbing a new one from your blueprints
* Fixed a bug where non-members can place items in empty protected item frames
* Fixed a bug where shelters wouldn't go inactive after 2 weeks of inactivity
* Fixed hunting-lodge, cooldown, and other translation errors. Cleaned up other console log spam on startup
* Black text on civ item lore has been removed
* Missing requirements, reagents, input, output, menus now properly display the full amount of each item (not just 64)
* Civs now properly ignores pvp and other events in blacklisted worlds
* Disabling the combat logger will no longer even track if a player is in combat for other effects like teleporting
* Fixed an NPE when you have an invalid region that tries to upkeep