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⭐Outcasted Mobs Bundle⭐ - Vanilla like Custom Mobs

⭐Outcasted Mobs Bundle⭐ - Vanilla like Custom Mobs 1.5

are you going to be adding copper golem, allay and glare?
Thinking of adding them when I got time, yeah. But I can't promise anything :(
me gusta la verdad, es muy buen modelo.
The pack is very impressive as it adds a whole new dimension to minecraft mobs. However, one problem is that the animation could be smoother since mobs will move a little funky
This isn't an error of my mobs. You've to optimize the plugin configuration of ModelEngine and the armor stand performance on your server for the animations to be more smooth.
This pack decorates my server, my players and me like it. It looks pretty nice and adds interest. I advise to buy
Amazing resource. Ignore the 1 star review below, as it’s just some salty kid.

This pack is flawless, like all of the work from this creator. I definitely recommend!
Excellent work really digging it!
Like the Great Hunger? Get it? Because it digs down and... okay nevermind. Thanks! :D