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⭐Outcasted Mobs Bundle⭐ - Vanilla like Custom Mobs

⭐Outcasted Mobs Bundle⭐ - Vanilla like Custom Mobs 1.5

Outcasted Mobs Bundle
The purchase button will redirect you to Gumroad where you're able to enter the price you're willing to pay for the mobs. This can be 0 if you want to.


✅ Custom Models
✅ Custom Animation
✅ Custom AI
✅ Random Spawning
✅ Custom Drops

⭕ Moobloom
⭕ Iceologer
⭕ The Great Hunger
⭕ The Hovering Inferno
⭕ The Monster of The Ocean Depths (Squunter)

At some point in history, these Mobs could've been voted into the game by the Minecraft Community. But unfortunately some other mobs had more votes. But fear not! Here they're. All five.

The Moobloom is a cute yellow cow. It plants some flowers every now and then. But don't ask where these flowers come from.

The Iceologer throws chunks of ice onto your head and freezes you. He tries to keep it's distance so make sure to be quick.

The Great Hunger is a cute little... thing? It likes to eat dirt and stone. When it attacks, it eats it's way through the ground to it's opponents.

The Hovering Inferno is a new Nether Boss. It tries to stay in the air and protects itself with up to four shields. Destroy them to better reach it. But be careful, it shoots huge fireballs at you.

The Monster of The Ocean Depths, here called Squunter, is a new Ocean Boss. If there's no thread (aka you) it likes to stay on the ocean ground. It shoots ink at you to stun you. Then it opens it's huge mouth and tries to eat you alive.

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Install the requirements.
Extract the content of outcasted.zip into your plugins folder.
Run /meg config reload and /mm reload.
Copy /plugins/ModelEngine/resource pack/assets to your resource pack.
Select your resource pack.

❗️ If you're using version 2 of Model Engine, take a look at their change log to know how to update my mobs so they'll work on version 2: CLICK HERE ❗️

⭕ MythicMobs (Premium Version is needed for the shields of the Hovering Inferno)
⭕ Model Engine (there's a free version as well)

Leave a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review for more custom mobs and my thanks ❤️

- You are not allowed to claim the models, textures, mobs, spawns or skills as your own -
- You are not allowed to redistribute any of the files -
- You're allowed to modify all files -
- You're allowed to join the support Discord and share your server ip when you're using these mobs ❤️ -
- I reserve the right to exclude you from the support for various reasons (being mean is one of them. Mostly the only one actually) -
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Latest updates

  1. Updated to Model Engine 2.0

    Updated to Model Engine 2.0 (or higher. Changed the models to blueprints, that's all. No need to...
  2. ⭐Quality of Life⭐

    Changed a few settings for balancing and small improvements. No need to update if everything...
  3. Moobloom likes the sun and Hovering Inferno shields update more often

    - Mooblooms don't spawn underground anymore - The shields of the Hovering Inferno update more often

Latest reviews

Doesn't seem to work on the latest Model Engine and MythicMobs. Same as this authors other modpack, the snake pack. Textures don't load.
This already got fixed for everyone where this bug occurred. Please join the support discord next time when you encounter any bugs (not only with my packs)
are you going to be adding copper golem, allay and glare?
Thinking of adding them when I got time, yeah. But I can't promise anything :(
me gusta la verdad, es muy buen modelo.
The pack is very impressive as it adds a whole new dimension to minecraft mobs. However, one problem is that the animation could be smoother since mobs will move a little funky
This isn't an error of my mobs. You've to optimize the plugin configuration of ModelEngine and the armor stand performance on your server for the animations to be more smooth.
This pack decorates my server, my players and me like it. It looks pretty nice and adds interest. I advise to buy
Amazing resource. Ignore the 1 star review below, as it’s just some salty kid.

This pack is flawless, like all of the work from this creator. I definitely recommend!
Excellent work really digging it!
Like the Great Hunger? Get it? Because it digs down and... okay nevermind. Thanks! :D