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⭐️World Items Pack⭐️| Unique Items | Custom Special Attack Bar

⭐️World Items Pack⭐️| Unique Items | Custom Special Attack Bar 3.12

- Fixed Legendary Drop System not dropping items sometimes to correct players
- FixedLegendary Drop System broadcasting wrong names
- Fix for an error using the notext version of Random Drops
  • Random Drop System! Add a single skill line to any MythicMob and they will have a chance to drop a random Elemental Item!
  • Bow weapon type rework! Bows no longer shoot the normal arrow only the special projectile but still consume arrows as ammo.
  • Reworked Waterfall skill on Stormbreaker to start from the impact point and spread bit further
  • Optimizations for projectile based skills when multiple players are using them near each other
- Completely reworked all the item GUI
- New Nature Element Added
- Multiple item tooltip's fixed
- Fixed Multiple initial projectiles from Stormbreaker dealing PVP damage
- Fixed an issue where Waterfall attack would bypass PVP protection
- Fixed Dimension Blade not dealing player based damage
- Fixed few console errors appearing after last update
- Added Chronos Time Bow
- Added Dimension Blade Void Sword
- Added Fragment Of Cosmos Cosmic Wand
- Added Space Stone Armor
- Added huge tooltips to all items to explain how much and what damage each item does
- Reduced ultimate ability charging rate by 80%
- Storm Cloud ultimate damage increased by 50%
- Death Stance ultimate damage increased by 160%
- Black Hole ultimate damage increased by 300%
- Hail of Fire ultimate damage increased by 200%
- Thunder Clap & Flash ultimate starting damage increased by 25% and explosion damage increased by 210%
- Poison Chalice ultimate damage increased by 80%
- Increased Electric Slash & Electric Swing damage by 420%
- Increased Slash & Tear damage by 420%
- Improved responsiveness of all Slash based attacks
- Slash & Tear now deal player based damage
- Electric Slash & Electric Swing now deal player based damage
- Execute initial projectile is player based damage now
- Fixed Thunder Wheel hitbox to match the animation
- Fixed Caladbolg's ultimate ability not working
- Fixed Serpent Bite leaving MythicMobs dummy that wouldn't disappear until /mm m killall
- Fixed Caladbolg basic attacks not working properly