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❄️Snowcloak❄️| MythicDungeons Supported | Unique Bosses

❄️Snowcloak❄️| MythicDungeons Supported | Unique Bosses 3.08

I need Help, i bought this pack but in console appear a big error message, i can't understand why, i need support please is a very beatiful map but i can't use with this problem.. where can i ask for support??
Gotta say.... tough as nails.... but fun to watch in creative as your server members literally get a face full of bear butt.
Lmao, thank you Jox for your review :D
First of all I want to make it clear, I did enjoy this product and even though I may be critical please just take it as constructive criticism and to anyone who wants to buy this product I would definitely recommend it. but there is a lengthy review to be made here so lets get right into it!

Note: This review will be split into 5 parts (1 star per category) , 1 for each boss, 1 for everything else

1, Nanuk:
Nanuk reminds me of Vordt of the Boreal Valley from Ds3 and that is certainly a good thing! To start off lets do the attacks, when I fought Nanuk I noticed 3 different attacks, the charge, ice spike ceiling hit??? and the phase to charge madness.

The normal charge is not much more than standard fare though still very well made. The ice spikes are quite complex as they somehow follow the player through the arena which is very nice. Lastly with the rage it is just pure bullet hell chaos which I really enjoy. In total I would give this boss a 0.8/1!

2, Saga:
Saga has a really nice opening animation as he is searching through his/her books minding his/her business until you the player walks in, what happens next is a real bullet hell funfest! To what I've seen Saga has 5 attacks, a book toss, book shield, summoning a book to kill you, flying up to create book madness and tossing some books up to land down?

The book toss is flashy but almost always hits you as there is barely any telegraphing. The shield is a really cool mechanic but is avoided if you go full offence and don't care about distance keeping and safety. When Saga summons the Expanding Book it is a race against time to kill it as quick as possible because it always seems to one shot me... but no matter as it adds some spice to a fun fight! The super bullet hell aspect of this fight is when Saga flys up and starts tossing books in all directions which is absolute eye candy (especially with shaders) but somehow never seems to damage me. Last but not least Saga tossing some books up which do something I guess but I always just run away when that attack happens so I don't know much of what happens next. Overall really fun boss but the real danger is looking at its attacks more then your health bar 0.95/1!

3, Tyr:
At surface level Tyr looks very simple as he starts by just summoning minions but the fight is actually really fun! I noticed 5 attacks/skills with Tyr, those being a lightning axe attack like Thor, a spammy random projectile attack, a line wave projectile, the minion summons and tnt rain.

For the lightning axe attack it is not the most complex but still keeps me on my feet. The random projectile is similar to Saga's book rain attack where the screen fills and you just run in circles. The line wave projectile is very impressive and I enjoy it a lot. The minion summon is repetitive and feels a lot like a gimmic so maybe just summon the minions once or even just less maybe with some more hp. The tnt rain though is brilliant as it makes players look up to the ceiling then avoid the tnt. Overall this boss is a 0.9/1!

4, Final boss:
I won't spoil this marvel of a boss for you and all I will say is 2 phase masterpiece with scenery change half way through (though he could be a bit tankier compared to the rest of the dungeon bosses), 1/1!

5, The rest of the stuff:
- Map (10/10, noice)
- Mobs (9/10, overall cool especially royal knights but frozen corpse a bit lacking)
- Items (7/10, not much more above average)
Overall: 0.95/1

So that concludes this review that no one will ever read, anyways total score is 4.6 so I will just round that up to a five.
Wow! one of the best / most detailed review's i've seen thank you very much!