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v4.6 Stable Premium now available

We've gone ahead and released v4.6.0 as a "stable" build for all premium users.

This is a massive update that includes many new systems, new mechanics, new conditions, and tons of other stuff! Including:
  • Better Placeholders system, including PlaceholderAPI support
  • Variables! Both permanent and temporary
  • New in-line conditions
  • Finally the long-requested ~onDespawn trigger
  • Much more reliable mob saving, and saving of ALL data for non-despawning mobs/npcs
  • Huge Aura (buff/debuff) improvements
  • Some major droptable improvements
  • Tons of new mechanics/conditions
  • Many bug fixe

To get it, just click the Download tab at the top and click to download the latest stable Premium version.

As usual, this version will become available for free once the next "stable" version is released.