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MythicMobs v4.5.5 now available (for free)

Hello everyone!

We have gone ahead and released a special version v4.5.5 for free! In this version we backported lots of bug fixes from v4.6.0, along with all of our API changes/additions, so your favorite add-ons can update to support all the latest stuff. We have also released a matching Artifacts version.

The latest Stable Premium build has also been updated to v4.5.5 with the same bug fixes and changes, and also includes all the Premium-only stuff, so grab it if you aren't using v4.6 already!

* Since we just posted it, the free version may take a few hours to be approved on BukkitDev

If you want to see more free releases in the future, please leave us a 5-star review on Spigot!

To get it, just click the Download tab at the top and click to download the latest stable Free version.