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MythicMobs v4.1.0 Released!

MythicMobs 4.1.0 has been released!

MythicMobs 4.1 includes various new features, mainly focused around compatibility with other plugins. HealthBars allow you to display mob health in a visceral way, and NamePlates allow you to bypass the 16-character limit on regular nameplates for player disguises! (both of these require the Holograms plugin).

There are also many new mechanics and conditions, including support for TerrainControl biomes and Vault currency!

See the changelog for more info.

You can get the update on Spigot here:

Please report any bugs in the bug report forum so I can fix them ASAP.

The core MythicMobs is always buggy...
But in order to not be 24/7 negative, I guess I can say new features are good too, specially when they improve already existing stuff or provide easyer ways of achieving mechanics.