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MythicMobs 4.5.0 now Free, 4.5.2 premium available

Hello everyone!

Now that Spigot 1.13.2 is finally stable, we've gone ahead and released v4.5.0 to everyone for free for the Holiday season. This includes full support for 1.13.X and for other versions as far back as 1.7.4.

If you want to see more free releases in the future, please leave us a 5-star review on Spigot!

This is a massive update and while it should be mostly bug-free, there may still be some kinks to work out. If you encounter any problems, please post a bug report!

We have also promoted v4.5.2 to the latest Stable Premium version. It contains the latest bug fixes and optimizations.

To get them, just click the Download tab at the top and click to download the latest stable Free version.