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By jaylawl on Feb 3, 2020 at 10:01 PM
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    is a lightweight bunch of admin tools for spigot, created by yours truly. No bloating, just some basic stuff one really needs - as opposed to the overload of features plugins like CMI and Essentials offer (yeah, i *really* don't like those).

    No biggie, nothing special: but might be for you. Check it out at spigotmc:



Discussion in 'News, Updates, & Blog Posts' started by jaylawl, Feb 3, 2020.

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      4 years ago, my life was perfect. I had a well-paying job, a loving wife, and 42 beautiful kids. I would often go out with the boys on Saturdays. On one amazing night, my friends made me download this masterpiece of a plugin. No... masterpiece is an understatement. I went home that fateful night and did not sleep. I stayed up all night configuring MEINKRAFT. Concerned, my wife called the police as my life slowly spiraled out of control. Displeased with my new addiction, she cheated on me and took my kids, my house, and abused her access to my bank account. The boys agreed that I was beyond saving and moved on. My nutrition comes from PVC pipes and glass shards I come across in landfills occasionally. I felt my guts shriveling up from a lack of hydration. I had nothing. Except for the beauty of the plugin. It cured my testicular cancer, stopped my constant period cramps, and brought me happiness, which I presumed was lost forever, immediately. He has become me, and I have become him. Since beginning to use this plugin, I have grown a fourth butt cheek, and I have become content. What I once lost, I now have in the form of this plugin. I pray to the jaylawl every night before I go to sleep on the nice, warm sidewalk. I was asked to visit the White House for an interview. The first and only important question asked was, and I quote, "How have you survived for this long on the streets?" The answer was simple. MEINKRAFT. God bless this wonderful plugin, it truly pulled me out of the dark. Thank you, for bringing me joy in its purest form.
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