1. EnderIzzy124

    Saint Patrick's Day Clover Pack 2022-02-27

    Izzy's Saint Patrick's Day Clover Pack! 6 equipment models, an armor set, and several props to use in builds! The tools and the sword have animated textures; occasionally, a magic rainbow will glimmer across them! This pack includes an Oraxen config free of charge. If you're not using Oraxen...
  2. xlsalvolx

    ☘️ Slotty - Friendly slot machine ☘️ 1.4

    Meet slotty! Slotty is a friendly slot machine which will be happy to give you free stuff in exchange of his delicious tokens! - Approach him and he will say hi - Right click on him and he will start talking - Don't hurt him or he will get angry - Feed him his tokens to try your luck! -...