1. Nocsy

    Fantasy Pack - Vol.1 2022-02-25

    ✨Note: This pack is meant to go alongside Toffy’s Elf Pack which IS NOT INCLUDED as part of this product. So make sure to check it out ! This pack includes : Ganondorf (Boss – 1st phase) Ganon (Boss – 2nd phase) Bokoblins & Moblins (3 minions – 2 brutes) Fairy pet (MCPets support) ️ 6...
  2. Trep

    ✨‍ LOTR ‍✨| FULL Pack | Elfs, Dwarfs, Orcs, Hobbits and More+ | 1.17.1 0.7

    ✦ A Middle Earth mob pack, unseen on this website ✦ The LOTR pack is a MythicMobs pack that contains Multiple Races, each race has it's own normal varient and a garrison varient. More will be added everyday, since this is still WIP. ✅ 18 Models ✅ 4-8 Animations Per Model ✅ Mythic Mob Files...
  3. deadcutlass2

    Orks 1.0.2

    It's two orks, includes models, mob files, skill files. They are scaled for my server, but can be easily adjusted. They deal player damage that works with the default mmocore and mmoitems defense formula to players.
  4. drThunderbuckle

    drThunderbuckle's Elemental Giants Pack 1

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a vanilla style pack that comes with 3 bosses plus a small minion mob. Each boss has unique stats and skills. I tested the mobs on 1.17.1 but they should be compatible...
  5. V

    [MythicMobs] Vaskel's 110 Mobs Bundle (SALE) 1.0

    ❖ 110 Mobs Bundle ❖ • Say hello to a whole new variety of mobs! • The 110 Mobs Bundle is a bundle of MythicMobs which contains 110 Mobs in total • If you’re looking for something to spice up your Minecraft worlds, then this is it. This Bundle includes • Mobs that are classified into 11...
  6. Biguelendes

    The Moonborn & Midnight Werewolves pack 1.5

    AVAILABLE NOW AT MCMODELS.NET Remember to join our discord for support and more stuff! Watch the mechanics preview on YouTube! This amazing pack comes as a full experience: 2 High quality models...
  7. Karthok

    Blue Fantasy Bow Model (All 4 pull strengths included) 2021-08-02

    This bright blue curvy bow would fit right into a fantasy setting.