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Required Dependencies
MythicMobs, Model Engine

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This amazing pack comes as a full experience: High quality models & animations, incredible & challenging mechanics, beautiful & completely custom Sound Design, Gorgeous particleFX design, and unique Death / Spiritual posession animations, unique among every other mobpack you’ve seen so far!

This is the first volume of the ‘Land of shadows’ series! Get inmersed in the universe that hosts the order of the fallen heroes and everything that’s yet to come!

The Fallen Order was -Seven hundred years ago- once a glorious order of heroes that fought the darkness, and the curse of the undead, unleashed under unknown conditions. Many rumours spoke about the cult of the eternal darkness, a myterious organization that lasts until today. Most importantly, rumours conducted to a mysterious, yet intriguing name: Ezrak Khyadon. There are few mortals left that know about the betrayal perpetrated by the kingdom these heroes served to; corrupted mortals trying to harness powers they couldn’t fathom led to a devastation only written in a few history books, long ago forgotten. Now, their vengeful spirits seek to find out why they
can not rest, eternaly attached to the curse of the “Kingdom of shadows”. Their magic-infused armor their only link with the physical world, and it will be the doom of whoever reaches these cursed and forgotten realms!

A big thanks to ProjectDev#3107 for the framework for creating ParticleFX!

This awesome pack includes:

  • 10 High quality models for 4 separate entities!

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(Boss) Fallen reaper:
Gap closer, devastating melee, ranged magician

+23 High Quality animations

+1500 MM code lines

Watch YouTube Preview

(Mini-Boss) Fallen Herald:
Close combat and crowd control

+13 High Quality animations

+950 MM code lines


(Mini-Boss) Fallen Warden:
Zone damage, crowd control, Ranged magician

+21 High Quality animations

+950 MM code lines


(Minion) Fallen Soldier:
Close combat, weak.

+8 High Quality animations

200 MM code lines

Pack also includes:
  • MythicMobs Configuration
  • Particle Slash/FX yml file (Thanks to ProjectDev#2107!)
  • Beautiful Sound Design
  • Unique death animations: The spirits fade away and leave the empty armor! The only mobpack containing this until now!

  • MythicMobs (4.12+ prefered)
  • ModelEngine 2.1.6 PREMIUM and up
Watch a preview of the Fallen Reaper:


Watch a preview of the Fallen Herald:


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your mobs are pretty good but my version is 1.12.2. Can you make a same one for lower minecraft version?
Hello! Thanks for that! :3 Unfortunately, there's absolutely no way to do that, since, as far as I know, Custom Model Data was introduced on 1.14.2. This means that the system that renders these models can't exist in prior versions. Updating will always bring you the best high end features, though :3