1. D

    Halloween Pack Vol 2 2021-10-01

    Here's a small description of what this pack includes: The Scarecrow - Wields dark magic to drain his opponents life and can summon crows to circle him and damage players! Frankenstein(s Monster) - A Hulking undead monster who can summon lightning with a clap, luckily his limbs are very...
  2. LaGravedad LGDD

    [Moobloom - LGDD(2.5US) ] + Config⚙ /// 1 cow 1.16, 1,17 2021-09-06

    Moobloom requiere ModelEngine y mythicmobs obtenga soporte de configuracion aqui:
  3. AnimalStar

    GoblinBerserk 1.0

    model height 2.5 block 8 animations you can add your animations in blockbench model without code if you find bugs write me
  4. D

    Capra the Goat Demon! 1.0

    The winner of the June Monthly Mob Vote! Abandon hope all ye who encounter Capra the Goat Demon! The Goat Demon, Capra is the most dangerous addition to the Little Room roster, sporting classic boss fight mechanics. Unsuspecting players may come across a small eerie black goat with glowing...