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[Super Boss] Goku DBZ 20+ Skills 4.x.x MythicMobs Compatible. Link to 2.4

[Super Boss] Goku DBZ 20+ Skills 4.x.x MythicMobs Compatible. Link to 2.4 v 1.4

Required Dependencies
MM 4.x.x Version 1.9-1.16.5
Requires changing max health to above 5000 in Spigot.yml

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MM 2.4 Version here. 1.9 (Change to 1.8 by replacing sweep particles in destructo disk.)
Mob: http://pastebin.com/WJ797Uk6
Skills: http://pastebin.com/NcZzXcKK

ERROR FIXS for 2.x.x MM:
- Rename all instances of "AirborneCombo" to "GokuCombo" in skills file
- Remove the extra module "Damage:4" from all Three Gokus in the Mobs file
- If on 1.8 server version you will need to change the SweepAttack particles inside the DestructoDisk skills.
Please watch the video below to see all the skills Goku V 1.2 currently has while battling with me!!

This mob uses Stances, Multiple mobs, and some pretty gangster mechanics to replicate the living breathing fighting machine that is GOKU!

Includes tons of skills and particle effects.
Goku can go Kaio Ken, Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2!
If you would like to know anything else in particular about Goku feel free to message me at any time. I check the forums daily and am very active!

If you have any suggestions please leave them below.

Please leave reviews for 4.x.x version of Goku ONLY!
2.4 Goku is an old project and likely contains many bugs!

Please message me about any concerns or bugs before leaving a review!
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 10 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Added support up to 1.16.5

    rewrote the randomskill sections to be on one line to be compatible with more recent versions of MM.
  2. Kaio Ken Skin fix and SSj2 Rapid Energy attack fixes

    Updated resource with bug fixes for Super Saiyan 2 Goku's rapid energy attacks and the skin...

Latest reviews

2020 still amazing
I'm sorry I missed this :O Thank you!
My mind is blown on how you created this. So impressed.
Thank you very much man, it wasn't easy :)
It would be great if there were more saiyan effects
I want to get him up to Ultra Instinct but my work schedule prevents me from doing much :/ One day though itll get there Thanks for the 5 stars!
This was my favorite mob before you rolled out Dante. Your skill with this plugin blows my mind! I can literally fight goku non stop and enjoy it until I literally pass out. I cant believe its free man. Great job! 100%
Thank you for the praise xD
I absolutely love this mob. Goku shouldnt be free but it is! Dante is such a great creator. I am so glad I made an account here. He is super active and helpful. I see him online every single time I visit this site WITHOUT FAIL. He is quick with fixes and very talented with this. I feel like we need to see a fight between Dante mob and Goku! please make it happen!!!
Haha Thank you once again Cypher I am glad you are reviewing all of my resources <3 Your support is very much appreciated. I try to be online as much as I can so I can help other users when they need it. I'm not in this for the money. That is why I decided to make Goku free. I just want to help others get better with the plugin ^_^ As for the fight... I guess you'll have to wait and see what happens haha
One of the best mobs I've ever seen in MythicMobs, you can fight against Goku for hours without getting bored. Everything works without errors and you even have the possibility to create your own monologues which are triggered during the fight. Then it's just: You or Goku?
Thanks man!
Amazing!, works perfectly, I can not believe it's free.
Thanks man! I'm glad you are happy with it haha.
Very awesome mob, goku works perfectly and the developer is very avaiable for each type of support. He is very cool, and the mob too. :)
Well I try my best (#♡_♡#)
By far the best boss/mob on the site, I'm really interested in actually paying for some other mobs to be made like this, either privately or a premium resource on here, I would 100% buy!
Thank you very much! I am available for commissions though my workload is never really light, so if you don't have a tight deadline PM me <3
Anything this guys makes is awesome. Ill be trying this boss and update my review but so far, it looks promising. I'd definitely want to commend the author for providing so much effort into it!
Thank you very much! :)