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Spooky Mob Pack
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Required Dependencies
MythicMobs, LibsDisguises

From the Mythic Mob team comes, the official Spooky Mobs Pack!

This Mob Pack requires MythicMobs v4.3+ and a couple mobs require later Minecraft versions.

This pack includes 6 terrifying new mobs you can add to your server that are especially good for Halloween. Each of these mobs has unique and terrifying abilities that are certain to put your players on edge. Teach them that nothing can be trusted this Halloween.

This mob pack features custom AI, and when editing or copying these mobs it is not advisable to tamper with the AI settings unless you know what you're doing!

Mobs included in this pack:
  • Geist - A terrifying zombie variant that moves quickly, makes unnerving sounds, and can crawl up walls and through small cracks!
  • Poltergeist - (requires 1.11) The ghosts of all the villagers slain seek vengeance. The poltergeist will haunt players with terrifying special effects, while shifting through walls and worse...
  • Vampire Bat - (requires 1.12) No longer can be bats be trusted, the Vampire Bat will fly after your players and feed upon their essence in swarms.
  • Pumpkin Fiend - The Pumpkin Fiend appears to be an ordinary pumpkin at first glance... but anyone who approaches will meet their doom as this terrifying creature sprouts legs and chases them down.
  • Weeping Angel - The traditional Weeping Angel, it appears to be an ordinary armor stand. But look away at your own peril, for this creature will strike when nobody is looking...
  • Dusk Witch - A boss-type mob, the Dusk Witch toils away at her cauldron and will use toxic brews and summon frightful creatures to do her bidding... and soon you will be a part of her next stew.

Don't let your players go unfrightened this Halloween! Let them cower in terror at the sight of every pumpkin! Get Spooky Mobs today!

Notes About Usage and Configuring:

  • Timer skills in the pack may not work if your config.yml's Clock.ClockInterval setting is too high. You can either lower this setting or change the onTimer skills to a higher number if you're on a slower server.
Please PM me if you encounter any other problems and we will do everything we can to fix them!

* Proceeds from this mob pack go directly to the MythicMobs development team and are non-refundable. Custom AI in this mob pack is guaranteed to work on supported versions of MythicMobs.

** Please Note: this mob pack requires ProtocolLib and Libs' Disguises to function. Mobs will appear as Husks if these are not installed, but will otherwise function normally.
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5.99 USD
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Latest updates

  1. SpookyPack v1.3

    Updated against latest MythicMobs and LibsDisguises Tested on 1.17
  2. 1.16 Update / Moved to Pack Format

    Updated to 1.16 Fixed Weeping Angels on later versions Moved to use new MM Pack format
  3. Spooky Mob Pack v1.1

    Added custom skull textures for Geist and Weeping Angel Added a few new skills Fixed several...

Latest reviews

Unfortunately as cool as the bosses are and as fun as the fights are. This pack is very broken. The skills cause errors, and players get packet error kicks constantly when fighting. Hasn't seen an update in a year? Dont buy this pack, you are better off creating your own. This is abandonware and should be removed from the store.
Great set of mobs that gets you in the mood for halloween. Very creative, and very good for if you're an aspiring mob-maker looking for some good ideas as well!
really good mob pack, my players are very happy with it especially the pumpkin monsters. everything works ok for me. do you have any more mobs like this for sale?? thx
they are 6 okay mobs but in my opinion its not worth the 10 USD.