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Ouldhana the Bloody Queen | Boss, Hat, Sword and Schematic - MCModels Exclusive

Ouldhana the Bloody Queen | Boss, Hat, Sword and Schematic - MCModels Exclusive 0.4

  1. 1.18
  2. 1.19
Required Dependencies
MythicMobs Premium v5.1.4, ModelEngine r2.5.3 or r3.0.1 and WorldEdit (to load the .schem)
Ouldhana the Bloody Queen was a bloodthirsty queen slain long ago and now her demon seeks revenge.


This pack contains:
  1. Ouldhana model with 23 animations.
  2. Ouldhana ritual model and Ouldhana Tentacles model with 10 animations.
  3. Mobs.yml and Skills.yml with +1000 lines of configuration.
  4. Ouldhana schematic.
  5. readme.txt (how to install)
  6. Free support.
Ouldhana the Bloody Queen Skills:
  1. Ouldhana cuts you with her claws, tentacles or sword.
  2. Ouldhana opens a pentagram from which several ghost projectiles emerge.
  3. Ouldhana summons a pentagram above her that allows her to teleport to a random player.
  4. Ouldhana buries his tentacles into the ground, then summons a group of tentacles that strike and catch their prey.
  5. Ouldhana summons a orb of darkness that sucks in all nearby players, then deals damage.
  6. Ouldhana summons a wave of swift tentacles around her, dealing damage to nearby players.
  7. Ouldhana rises transforming into a mass of invincible darkness and at the same time summons six tentacles that must be killed for Ouldhana to finish her transformation.
  8. Ouldhana sometimes gets stunned when taking a lot of damage.
  9. Ouldhana takes out the sword stuck in her chest to use it in combat.
Extra info:
  1. You can change the Damage of attacks easily through Variables.
  2. In skills.yml file the lines of the titles are indicated so that they can be modified.
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Latest updates

  1. Ouldhana the Bloody Queen Update.

    - Fix: Sometimes the mob would spin strangely. - Improvements. Required changes: Update...
  2. Ouldhana the Bloody Queen Update.

    - Added support for ModelEngine r3.0.1 - Improvements. - Fixes: Sometimes Ouldhana's tentacles...
  3. Ouldhana the Bloody Queen Update.

    - Improvements. - Added support for ModelEngine b3.0.0 and tested on 1.19.2