What's new
Sorry for the lack of support the last month. I have been incredibly busy with other projects and work as of late. This update is mainly dedicated to bug fixes to get Mythic Dungeons as stable as possible. Thank you all for being patient.

_IMPORTANT NOTE: Mythic Dungeons now REQUIRES ProtocolLib as a dependency!!_

New Stuff
- 1.19.3 compatibility
- Allowed multi-functions, delayed functions, and function randomizers to to change their target type.
- Added a dungeon block place and break whitelist and blacklist. [See the new config options here!](https://git.mythiccraft.io/mythiccraft/MythicDungeons/-/wikis/Dungeon-Config)

Bug Fixes
- Removed Mythic Mobs droptable compatibility due to forcing Mythic Mobs as a dependency.
- Fixed `dsignal` Mythic mechanic not using the correct skill caster.
- Fixed players not being able to join the server if the plugin errors out.
- Fixed dungeon instance maps not using the lowest available numerical ID.
- Added some missing `lang.yml` messages.
- Fixed some `lang.yml` messages.
- Fixed players not being fully removed from their parties.
- Fixed spawned NPCs not having their correct ID.
- Fixed key and item dispenser functions informing the players twice.
- Fixed memory leak issues where instance worlds were not being fully cleaned up.

Known Issues
- There appears to be an intermittent issue with deleting functions and attempting to create a new one at the same location. Haven't found a consistent pattern yet.
At long last, the compatibility update is here, fixing a slew of bugs and adding compatibility and support for many popular plugins! PlaceholderAPI, BetonQuest, a language file, dungeon access keys, and support for other party plugins are just a few of the big additions!

Check out the full changelog here!

A Word from the Developer
It's been just over 4 months since Mythic Dungeons 1.0.0 was released. I am beyond blown away by the positive reception and encouragement. I had never released a plugin to the public in my life before this, so I had no idea what to expect. Thank you all so much for being so supportive and patient with me in this process.

Having said that, if you haven't got Mythic Dungeons yet, this is the time to check it out!! The latest version is more stable than ever, and comes with a TON of major features and compatibility updates.

If you're enjoying the plugin, please consider leaving a 5-star review either on Spigot or on the MythicCraft page (both if you're feeling especially supportive)! It really helps in so many ways and encourages me to keep working hard to deliver the best possible dungeon plugin Minecraft has seen.

- Marcato
New Stuff
- Added dungeon config rules for further control over banned item behaviour. (See the wiki for the new config options.)
- Rewards functions now drop unlooted items to the ground when closed if "allow retrigger" is set to "false"
- Added a "PvP" dungeon config option to allow or deny PVP in a specific dungeon. (See the wiki for the new config options.)
- Added a "ReadyCheckOnCommand" config option. When set to "false", the party will receive no ready check when attempting to enter a dungeon.
- Added a "ReadyCheckInQueue" config option. When set to "false", the party will receive no ready check when a dungeon becomes available to them in the queue.
- Added a "LeaderOnlyQueue" config option. When set to "false", any party member can queue the party up for a dungeon.
- Added API events for when players leave dungeons and finish dungeons.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in dungeons upon losing all their lives while "DeadPlayersSpectate" is set to false.
- Fixed plugin not loading on Java 8 (and consequently, some 1.16.5 installations.)
- Fixed DXL import not working when the server has a different "world container" folder set.

Known Issues
- Player data YML files are sometimes corrupted, resulting in the dungeon not loading. A bandaid fix has been applied, but it seems to still happen sometimes. If the issue is encountered, delete the `players` folder in the dungeon.
New Stuff
- Subfunctions in meta functions can now have their own triggers, using the meta function's trigger by default.
- Info about subfunctions and subtriggers in meta elements are now displayed when you hover over them.
- Added a /md setcooldown command to allow setting the access cooldown of a dungeon for a specific player manually.
- Added "max repeats" option to the function repeater.
- Dungeon start positions are now saved to config, allowing more precise spawn points.
- "Leave Dungeon" functions now work in lobbies before the dungeon has started.
- When opening a loot table rewards inventory, the positions of the rewards is now randomized.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where sending players into dungeons with /md play didn't work from console.
- Fixed an issue where certain entities were being removed when leaving an edit-mode dungeon.
- Fixed old instance worlds not being deleted on certain operating systems.
- Fixed some issues with mob spawners not re-triggering.
New Stuff
- Mob Spawner functions now have a "Mythic Mob level" option when Mythic Mobs is installed.
- Block Editor functions have have a "direction" option when placing blocks.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where the Start Dungeon trigger wouldn't fire without a dungeon lobby.
- Fixed an error caused by using the /md lives command outside of a dungeon.
- Fixed parties erroring out when a player disconnects under certain conditions.
- Fixed DXL Import not remembering whether or not lobbies were enabled in the DXL config.
- Fixed errors caused by using the /md join and /md save commands outside of dungeons.
- Fixed an issue where the loot table max items option wouldn't work.
- Fixed an issue with DXL importing [title] signs.
- Fixed DXL Import not completing the import process until after a restart under certain conditions.
- Fixed the Block Detector trigger preventing players from breaking the block placed when it's the incorrect type.

Thank you everyone for the OVERWHELMING support this first week. This has vastly exceeded my release expectations and I am beyond ecstatic about the reception. In response, I'll be working hard to provide new features for you all.

The first major feature update will by the compatibility update (1.1.0), adding compatibility with various plugins such as Citizen, BetonQuest, and more. In the meantime, I'll continue to fix bugs and add basic features.