What's new
fixed the error in the names of the mini bosses
The errors that are found will be corrected, for the moment it does not have any, if an update is needed after this I will launch it as quickly as possible.
Mini bosses update and azog custom spawn added
with this we reach 85% of the mob pack
correction of some skills and added some messages that you can customize.
A new ability with custom conditions was also added. You can modify the damage of all skills to your liking, this mobpack was designed for a server op.
Added 5 new skills for Azog.
skills consist of many particles will surprise you

With this the mob pack is almost finished, it would only be necessary to improve a couple of things and it would be complete, I plan to release an extra version but with model engine, soon.
Added Moria Orcs, Morannon Orcs and Goblins each have a skill
these types of orcs are just minions, you can modify the damage of the abilities to your liking.
This modpack was thought for a very op server.
Fixed small bugs that had the skills, also added a new orc