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GeekMail-Pro | Advanced mailbox system (1.12x-1.19x)

GeekMail-Pro | Advanced mailbox system (1.12x-1.19x) 3.1.1

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Required Dependencies

GeekMail-Pro's new generation mailbox (piece) system based on Bukkit server and TabooLib library
Support the sending of single-column and multi-attachment letters, and allow you to connect to the SMTP service to interact with your Penguin mailbox or other mailboxes
Unlike the mailbox plug-in on the market, GeekMail-Pro has a variety of data interaction modes and supports more complex cross-server modes​

At the same time, it provides developers with an easy-to-use API interface to extend more functions

Support the mainstream version server based on Bukkit 1.12. x-1.19. x

Multiple optional data storage modes, MySQL, Sqlite, Redis, fully compatible with Vault, PlaceholderAPI, PlayerPoints, ItemsAdder, and other plugins

✨ Features
  • ❇️ Mail template❇️: Support the use of Kether script language - fully customized mail template preset system
  • ❇️Interactive interface❇️: Visual high-freedom interface editing, customize your interactive interface at will - support ItemsAdder interface coverage
  • ❇️ Mail type❇️: Multiple single-column mail types - more mixed mail types, sending various attachments as one email
  • ❇️ Customized events❇️: Listen to player events in the configuration file at will and use the Kether script (will the player add an email to him?)
  • ❇️ Position binding❇️: Set up a mailbox at any place on the server, and the interface can be opened when players interact.
  • ❇️ Player authentication❇️: The sending and receiving of each mail type is controlled based on permissions. Players mail items to each other and are in the palm.
  • ❇️ Message interaction❇️: Based on TabooLib language module, message interaction is completely customized, title prompt, sound effect, json message?
  • ❇️ SMTP service❇️: Players will be able to bind email accounts outside the game, and receive email in the game, and email account synchronization prompt
  • ❇️ Redis cross-server❇️: Use Redis server to synchronize multiple cross-domain sub-servers, and even send cross-server mail online/offline
  • ❇️ Global market❇️: The plug-in is built into the global auction market, which relies on mail to receive and deliver goods. When things are bought, they are notified by mail.
  • ❇️ Convenient API interface❇️: It provides an easy-to-use API interface, which can send mail in one simple step. It can also expand your mail type to support more attachmen
✨Mail type
Item email
, instruction email, coupon email, money email, experience email, text email, full type email (mixed with all email attachments)
Each mail type supports the setting of an independent icon, that is, the icon of the email will be customized after the player receives the email.
If you have the development ability, you can develop more extension types through APIs to meet all your needs.
✨ UseImg
Powerful mixed mail

ItemsAdder interface override

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This plugin is completely open source. If you really can't afford to buy it, you can download the latest automatic build version here
BUG found in use, or suggestions for new functions, put forward here
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