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This is a custom boss fight created using the free Minecraft plugin Mythic Mobs which allows you to add this boss to your Minecraft server! GlowAPI and Libsdisguises recommended!

The Frost Goliath boss fight starts by executing the command "mm mobs spawn FrostGoliathBossfight", the battle goes as follows:

King Joffrey Spawns - an NPC which you're trying to protect.

King Joffrey summons his royal guards

The Frost Goliath spawns, Frost Goliath has 4 skills as follows:

Ground Slam - Jump high into the air than shoot to the ground with tremendous force, creating seismic ripples.

Frozen Boulder - He throws boulders that explode (with a cool effect) after a short duration of time.

Storm - Create a stylish storm that damages players in its vicinity.

Summon Minions - the Frost Goliath has 4 minions he can call into the fray:

Frost Archer - shoots blasts of cold that slow you upon impact, its melee attack launches it backwards and encases it in a layer of ice while it recuperates from lost health, it also rides a polar bear.

Snow Minion - A small little guy who encases you in ice upon dealing a blow.

Fallen Warrior - Makes you glow with cold (requires the free GlowAPI plugin) and gives you various negative potion effects.

Frost Minion - a miniature version of the frost warrior, easy to kill by stylish none the less.

If you need any help or have any questions contact me at: [email protected]

Enjoy your battle!
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