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Ever wanted to make static particles at a specific location? Done that!
How about change or move those particles after you made them float?? Yea, done that too!
...What about all those things, in survival mode, without commands? ... Wait, what?


I can. Let me show you how!

Using the immense creative power of an Aura (pl. Aurae) you can too!
An Aura is a passive Shulker that can be placed on top of any regular block, via Egg or command, and will create pre-configured particles based on what type of block is sits on! Ideal for player-made dungeons, personalizing your home or bringing your spawn to life! How?

-Make a volcano...that actually erupts?!
-Make a disco dance floor...with music notes floating in the air!!
-Make lightning rods that strike in any weather (although a little more during the rain)!
-Animate your portal rooms and teleporters with Coloured Particles or portal dust!
-Make it RAIN in your house!
-Make it RAIN LAVA in your house!!
-Give your NPCs a little more life and emotion!
-Enchant your library! Watch as your books seem to talk to each other!

Combined with the power of command blocks, redstone or even other plugins...Aurae have huge creative potential!


Right-click on an Aura to TOGGLE the effect and cycle between 5 different variations. Each Aura has 4 pre-set particle configurations as well as a 5th "following" effect, so players can have their very own particles that move as they move. Leave flames or shimmering dust in their wake, or create a passive alarm system as players are struck by lightning as they near your house!! All effects are created only when players are within 40 blocks (besides lightning strikes, within 20 blocks of the Aura), are they are pretty easy to customize.

OK, but really...in survival? Using custom crafting recipes, Shops or any other form of reward system, players can acquire these extremely valuable and sought-after eggs to create their own particle effects! Obviously there are some minor limitations...for instance only players with the permission node required to use MythicEggs can spawn them (I use Craftbook for more control over the crafting) and placement. Aura Eggs should only be granted to trusted, veteran players for obvious reasons, as too many can cause critical server disruption.

Aura Particle Guide:
(follow player)
Bookshelfenchantment_tableGlyphs float toward center(flatter)(vertical)chaotic glyphsglyphs float toward player
BeaconlightningStrikes Aura's locationsame, but strikes more often during stormssamesameStrikes player's location within 20blocks
Quartz Block
(all variants)
end_rodwispy, shimmering white light(flatter)same, but animated. pulses upwards like a geysersingle point, faster and more erraticfollows player's feet
Gold Block (WIP)critsilvery-gold sparks->->->makes player look sparkly
Diamond Block (WIP)magic_crit, spherehuge spherical shield->->->personal spherical shield
Prismarine (basic), Sea Lantern (WIP)magic_critshiny blue sparks->->->makes player look shiny
Purpur Block, Purpur Pillardragon_breathdense purple particles(flatter)(vertical)Pulsing vortex larger and smallerperiodic purpliness
Coal Blocksmoke and large_smokelarge smoking mass(flatter) smoking area(vertical) like a chimney(flatter) very smoky areasmoldering players
TNTangry_villagerangry groupangry column(flatter) angry roomsingle point; slow, randomangry player; slow, random
Iron Blockmob_spell_ambient and mob_spelllarge area, faint rainbow swirlslarge area, bright swirls(vertical) faint rainbow swirls(vertical) bright swirlsfaint rainbow swirls follow player
Redstone Blockheartlots of lovesingle point, randomsteady stream of lovesingle point, heartbeatrandom, slow loving player
Nether Quartz Oreflamefloating loose flamestall, loose flamesfield of flamessmall, dense flamesmoldering players
Jukeboxnotemusic room or machinebrief explosion of notes, feel the bass!random notes, small areasingle point, random notesrandom notes around player
Emerald Blockhappy_villagerroomful of sparkly green(flat)pillar of green sparklessingle point, sparkly blocksparkly green follows player
Mossy Cobblestonespell_witchlots of wispy purple sparkles(flat)pillar of purple sparklinesssingle point, wispy purple blockpurple sparkles follow player
Sponge, Wet Spongebubblesbubblestall bubble columnsbubble roomvery dense bubblesoccasional puffs of bubbles
Obsidian, End Stone, End Stone Bricksportalender dust vortex, like a portal(flat) portal effect over large area(vertical) tall portal effectchaotic particles, no patternparticles focused on players
Magma Blocklavasteady spray of lava bits(flat) large area of fiery spray(vertical) tall lava spraylarge, sudden eruption, randomslow sparks around the player at ground level
Lapis Oredrip_water, drip_lavalight rain, 40 blocks upheavy rain, 40 blocks uplight lava drips, 40 blocks upheavy lava drips, 40 blocks uppersonal rain storm, 5 blocks up
Honeycomb Block, Honey Blockfalling_nectar, falling_honey, dripping_honeyraining nectar (looks like snow)raining honey (looks...weird)(vertical) steady stream of falling honeychoatic honey in large area floats then slowly fallshilarious dirty, lingering footsteps
Crying Obsidiandripping_obsidian_tear,
purple rainheavy purple rain(vertical) steady flow of purple rainchaotic rain of floating purple rainpersonal purple rain storm
COLOURED WOOL (WIP)coloured redstonerandom coloured sparks(flat)(vertical)single pointN/A

Aurae are immune to basic environmental damage, and offset all effects 5-10 blocks above their location (30-40 for dripping particles) allowing them to be easily hidden beneath builds or worked into designs. They change colour to indicate which mode they are set to, and can be toggled OFF (mode 6) and easily switched back on by right-clicking.

This resource is listed under Mechanics because, although it is a MOB using basic skills, it adds a whole new mechanic to the game.

-Put "Aura.yml" into your Mobs folder.
-Put "AuraSkills.yml" and "AuraSkills-Colours.yml" into your Skills folder.
-Put "AuraEgg.yml" into your Items folder.
-Use /mm reload or restart your server.
-Summon an Aura using /mm mobs spawn Aura!!

-Feb 12, 2022: Respawn mechanics are AuraEgg drops are currently broken due to some bug in item-drops. I have been unable to resolve this issue but will fix it as soon as I figure out how!
-Feb 12, 2022: Iron Blocks (crit), Diamond Blocks (magic_crit), Prismarine and Sea Lanterns (magic_crit) currently have only 2 assigned modes (basic and following). They're easy enough to finish, I just haven't done it yet.
-Feb 12, 2022: Beacons (lightning) have only 2 modes. This is intentional.
-Feb 12, 2022: Wool Colours have only the 4 basic modes, no following particles yet.

Given how MythicMobs operates, Aurae in unloaded worlds are disabled. They have been known to disable themselves in air-tight spaces too, so I tend to leave a block or two open above each Aura. Not sure why.

Should be backwards compatible apart from particles not existing in older versions.

Based on a previous upload by me: https://mythiccraft.io/index.php?threads/immersive-gameplay-aura.6905/#post-22973
Animating a portal!

Making ender-rain to add some wicked atmospheric detail!

Hard to see, but glyphs make everything look cool!

Marking the green gate with green particles to add some movement.
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