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Tested on 1.12.2

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: Xaku (Configurable)

- HP: 1500 (Configurable)
- Damage: 2 (Configurable)
- Weakness: Nothing
- Knockback Resistance: none
- Movement Speed: 0.25 (configurable)

- Takeover Amon - » Turns into the Demon Form "Amon", becomes more powerful and uses fire magic.
- Bright Flames » Leaps into the air and lets out a wave of flames below her

- Flaming Pillars » Sends pillars of flames all around her

- Destructive Flames » Has a circle of smoke and flames that burn players near her alive

- Flaming Chains » Chains down players and pulls them to her

- Passive | Burn » Burns players near her

- Takeover Gamosh-ra - » Turns into the Demon Form "Gamosh-Ra", becomes more powerful and uses lightning magic.
- Lightning Spear » Throws a spear made of lightning to a player

- Lightning Aura » electrifies players near her, slowing them and damaging them while she speeds up

- Lightning Body » Increases Speed and Strength, dashes to a target and damages them

- Lightning Demize » Shoots an orb of lightning that follows a player until it hits

- Passive | Smite » Summons lightning upon players near her and damages them

- Takeover Barbatos - » Turns into the Demon Form "Barbatos", becomes more powerful and uses illusion magic.
- Mind Confusion » Gives Slowness,Blindness, and Confusion to players near her

- Curse of the Dead Minds » Summons a Magic circle upon herself giving slowness,blindness, and confusion to players near her while damaging them. | She also feeds on the target's fear so she gains 20 HP

- Illusion » Gives slowness,blindness, and confusion to players near her and summons their loved ones in an undead form near them, this damages the players and makes them have fear, so she regains 50 HP

- Beam of Remembrance » She shoots out a purple projectile, if it hits, it makes the player relive their worst experiences in their memory and damages the player

- Mind Trap » Makes players near her truly blind and damages them over time, trapping the players in their own minds

- Passive | Confusion » Gives Nausea to players that come near her

- Nothing

- Senseable
- Prevent other drops, item pickup and, random equipment
- Follow range: 10
- auto despawn: true

As of now the only way to pay is through paypal.

If you have any problems with this mob please message me on site or reply on my post for resource exchange.

Thank you for buying this mob if you are buying it. It helps support me and makes me want to make more mobs for you guys! A Mob Pack is coming soon!

If you have any problems with this mob please message me on the site OR contact me on the discord *PLEASE*.

NOTE: Everything in this mob is customizable -- I am not a person to assist with ANY help on how to change everything, but on this website they can help you out a lot. MY ASSISTANCE will not be guaranteed to help you change all the damage, health, names, drops, etc.

YOU can only pay through paypal

This Mob should work 1.9-above (if not please contact me)

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After using almost all of your resources I have to say, this one and [Lightning Dragon] are by far 2 of the best custom mobs I've ever used. Great boss, doesn't take a big toll on the server so you can use it lagg free. Very exited to see what new content you will create in the future