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✨CoreGuns✨ +45 , +10 Daggers⚡ 3D ⚡ CYTYRPG ✅

✨CoreGuns✨ +45 , +10 Daggers⚡ 3D ⚡ CYTYRPG ✅ 14.0

since @Creon didn't want to report a beta tester and another buyer tested and told me that the axe models looked wrong this was solved thanks for everything.
Automatic and semi-automatic rifles were upgraded because they were incorrectly positioned.
Stable this version changes several weapons from the main menu and its aiming I recommend item for weapon plugin.
Well, we fixed the problem with the c4 that was not well placed, let me know if it is well in the armorstands! so I can add it to ItemsAdder support and oraxen will be better in the invisible armor stand.
Fixed dynamite model.
Models that caused server lag problems due to their dimensions and cubes were eliminated.
RPG fixed model.
we are going to start the implementation of weapons but first I want to order the pack and optimize the rest so this has weapons optimization.
The steam bunker was rebuilt.
Prepared the new time bomb model to make it nicer to use.