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✨CoreGuns✨ +45 , +10 Daggers⚡ 3D ⚡ CYTYRPG ✅

✨CoreGuns✨ +45 , +10 Daggers⚡ 3D ⚡ CYTYRPG ✅ 14.0

Performance was improved.
The license was withdrawn since the person who filtered the pack was found and the license was withdrawn.
Improved models and textures.

Security has been added.​

Enter discord to ask for your zip password, create ticket!

all models are shared with 1.19
now there will be no more texture problems or bugs.
Fixed a problem where 1.19 did not load the models properly.
sorry problems 1.19
Added support 1.19
Fixed problems where the texture was misplaced.
Updated all models.
The models were repaired
glock for the texture that was in uppercase in wood.png
goldgun for the texture that was in uppercase in wood.png
this changes I recommend that you be careful and test everything well because more than that also ubo something manual that I did inside the models to improve the performance.

Notice that the pack discount will be until 10/06/2022 so take advantage of it.
Changes made:
* Modified all names in upper and lower case.
* Fixed the size and coordinates of the model.
* Modified everything from 0 and where the model was seen in 3d.

Warning all changes made are important so delete everything and put it back to 0.
since @Creon didn't want to report a beta tester and another buyer tested and told me that the axe models looked wrong this was solved thanks for everything.
Automatic and semi-automatic rifles were upgraded because they were incorrectly positioned.