COMMISSIONS OPEN: ✔️ CUSTOM HIGH QUALITY 3D MODELS ✔️ CUSTOM DYNAMIC ANIMATIONS ✔️ CUSTOM DETAILED TEXTURING PORTFOLIO CONTACT: DISCORD: Knacks#1741 [email protected] I don't frequent this site, the best way to contact me is via discord! Cheers.
  2. Tof

    Toffys Armor V.2 - Townsfolk 2022-02-03

    Fully functional in vanilla java. This pack includes: Peasant Male Clothes Peasant Female Clothes Blacksmith Clothes Merchant Clothes Baker Clothes 3 Variations for all the clothes mentioned above Pre-made resource pack Instructions on how to get the items in-game Raw files (if you want to...
  3. V

    Vaskel's Phase Tools Bundle 1.0

    A set of futuristic sci-fi tools for your Minecraft Server! NOTE: The price is an introductory offer and will return to it’s original price on the 16th of January. This Pack includes • 7 Modelled Items (Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Hoe, Shovel, Shield and Bow) • 3 Color Variants per tool (Blue...
  4. chileball5

    Emotes Setup | 1.16+ [62 textures] [14 ranks] [42 emojis] [ONLY 5$] 1.2A

    This setup contains: 62 pre-made texture in total texturepack made for 1.16+ 14 textures for ranks 45 emotes for chats/menus 3 banners for announcements need support?: https://discord.gg/hbsgR65Yu5 remember leave your review :p
  5. D

    The Invader 2021-08-27

  6. D

    Capra the Goat Demon! 1.0

    The winner of the June Monthly Mob Vote! Abandon hope all ye who encounter Capra the Goat Demon! The Goat Demon, Capra is the most dangerous addition to the Little Room roster, sporting classic boss fight mechanics. Unsuspecting players may come across a small eerie black goat with glowing...
  7. D

    LittleRoom's Goblin Mob Pack 2.1

    Introducing Little Room's latest Mob-Pack the Goblin Mob Pack! Release the GOBLINS! Goblins have invaded Minecraft in this new mob pack by Little Room. This pack features 4 types of Goblins, the Archer, the Warrior, the Witchdoctor and of course the King. Fight your way through this combat...