1. D

    ⭐Ores - A new way of mining⭐ - Model Engine 1.0

    Ores - A New Way Of Mining ✅ Custom Models ✅ Custom Animation ✅ Custom Drops ⭕ Coal Ore ⭕ Iron Ore ⭕ Gold Ore ⭕ Copper Ore ⭕ Lapis Ore ⭕ Diamond Ore ⭕ Emerald Ore Provide your players with a new way of mining! Ores have to be mined by attacking them like mobs. Create pickaxes with...
  2. F

    ⚡4 NEW ORES + SWORDS + TOOLS⚡ 1.1

    Add 4 new minerals to your server, each with its own weapons and tools. Includes a texture pack Rubi, zafiro, tanzanita, fluorite.
  3. Funkychicken493

    Player Head Ores With No Resource Pack 1.0

    Are you tired of managing resource packs? Are you tired of having boring vanilla ores? No longer must you deal with such issues! With this system, you can have ores setup with just 3 plugins that you may already have! Ores generate naturally in any biome in any world you want with this system...