1. Ebtesham213

    [FREE] Gravestone Mob! 1.2

    Requires MythicmobsExtensions and Lib's Disguises for some of the skills and AI of the mobs. After rewatching a bunch of shows about the undead, I was inspired to make a gravestone mob that summons undead villagers! It's a pretty simple mob with only one "actual" skill (which is summoning the...
  2. muhahahahe

    MythicMobsExtension v1.239

    This plugin adds onto MythicMobs via API. At the current state it offers: 60+ new mechanics 50+ new conditions 10 new targeters Also comes with a NAN fix that some custom plugins can create ie: item plugins, where the player is immune to take any damage. Adds a new Bukkit entity mythic_parrot...