1. ginsan1997

    [Mob Pack] ✨Kira's Mob Pack✨ ⚔ Includes 22 BOSSES with own skills 2.13

    Boss Pack includes more than 22 bosses of different levels from the first to the seventh. In addition, you will see more than 15 different weak mobs, often they appear as assistants to the main bossesBoss Pack includes more than 22 bosses of different levels from the first to 7. Check some...
  2. Gamita

    Scarlet Flame :: Patreon SCARLET FLAME patreon

    Now, this product is Patreon: Everyone who bought this pack before and would like to download it again, feel free to message me, I have you on record. (Only the product you purchased at the time will be delivered to you, as now all package upgrades will be for patrons only) SCARLET FLAME...
  3. MrSosukeee

    The hobbit mob pack Mages pack free 1.0.4

    This pack includes 2 mages which will have 6 skills each. CONTENTS: Gandalf - Boss Saruman - Boss Requirements: MythicMobs 5.0.0 Minecraft 1.15+ LibsDisguises By buying this package you will have * Fast bug fixes * New updates Saruman: Gandalf:
  4. vicsparti

    Luckyblocks mobpack 1.16 - 1.17 |⚡Sale 3 USD⚡ 2.0

    Lucky block is a custom mob with 18 different possible loot (skills), some of which are: - Small pyramid - More white - Lucky Villager - Mega sword (Characteristics) +26 wardrobe items +17 mob costume ✅ You need the texture pack ✅ Require...
  5. hemptimes100

    4 Mobs 0.1

    It's a Mobpack with 4 Mobs A Giraffe, desert fox, new enderman and new bunny There is a Video on YouTube: if you have issues to install it or need help i will help u with your problems.
  6. vicsparti

    Lucky Blocks (Lucky Shulkers) | ❗️❗️Offert 2€❗️❗️ 0.1

    What does this package have? This contains 12 mobs inside the pack with 4 custom items. Features: ✓It is in .zip format ✓Compatible with 1.15 - 1.17 ✓Compatible with free and premium version ✓There are custom mobs you have to left click to interact with them
  7. vicsparti

    *Ride Pumpkin* 2021-10-30

    This mob pack contains 7 mobs in total, (3 of them attack you, another 3 are animation and one is a secret mob)
  8. vicsparti

    ♕King Pumpkin♕|offer 1USD 0.1

    This mob is a pumpkin king that will try to kill you (to summon it, put / mm egg get SpawnKing, then you spawn it with left click)
  9. Baphomet's Guild

    ۵ Ogre and Shrek MOB - PACK | MythicMobs and ModelEngine | ۵ 0.3

    ۵ Ogre and Shrek MOB-PACK ۵ 2 Models [idle, walk, attack and death], 2 Textures, 2 Mobs and attack MythicSkill Video: See Darklurker! https://mythiccraft.io/index.php?resources/darklurker-sotfs-boss-fight-parody-mythicmobs-and-modelengine.591/