free boss

  1. QueenOfAnts

    ♦️ Queen's Tutorial Mob Pack ♦️ [FREE] | 10 mobs + 1 Boss [UNFINISHED] [DO NOT DOWNLOAD YET] 1.0b-UNFINISHED

    Queen's Tutorial Mob Pack A set of 10 mobs and 1 boss to use as examples for what MythicMobs is capable of. The download is easy to install, using the pack system introduced in MM4.9.0, all you have to do is drag and drop the folder inside of "Packs" into your corresponding MythicMobs/Packs...
  2. Frukis

    Never Ending Riko 1.0.0 Update

    The Never Ending - Riko This is a really small mini-boss that I quickly made for testing some stuff! Might update it in the future :) for now... he will never die! This pack contains • 1 Mini-boss - Riko Showcase Video: [Might upload later]
  3. D

    Kindletron Sr. [FREE] 2021-03-26

    Kindletron Senior has had come out of retirement to teach newcomers a lesson on respect! This free mob is designed to be simple and bring even the newest minecraft server operator or plugin enthusiast closer to having custom modelled mobs on their server when never thought possible before...
  4. B

    [FREE] Odin the All father boss mob 1.0

    Now for the 3rd mob in the Norse boss mobs series. Face of against the mighty Odin! With a total File size 1.5x bigger than the Dark Elf , Odin is certainly a boss that will you let you know why they call him the All Father! The Download contains - Odin Mob YML File - Odin Skills YML file...
  5. B

    [FREE] Dark Elf Mini Boss 1.2

    This is a mini boss I made while experimenting, I designed it to be absolute terrifying while fighting. Only way to find out if I'm right is to download it yourself ;) The Download Includes: - Dark Elf Mob yml file - Dark Elf Skills yml file I will continue to update it and support for as...
  6. B

    [FREE] Giant Surtur Boss mob 1.0

    The download contains: - A Mob file containing Surtur and Draugr - A skills file containing the projectile Skills - A random spawns file - Item files - Droptables file for both Surtur and Draugr * Draugr is a super basic mob that Surtur rallies during fights , you can choose to do without by...