custom armor

  1. 宵閣玖鑰

    Elemental Crystal Armor [x6 color] 2022-11-10

    Six Elemental Netherite Crystal Armor H͜͡o͜͡w͜͡ T͜͡o͜͡ P͜͜͡͡l͜͡a͜͡y͜͡ If You using Optifne ============================================================ If You use ItemsAdder ============================================================ Instructional Video: ——For assistance...
  2. Gorybolt

    Delete 2022-11-08

  3. Gorybolt

    Dragon worrior set 2022-10-25

    In this pack contains -sword(katana) -katana sheath -crossbow -quiver -helmet -armor(work with optifine) How to get? /give @p minecraft:nether_sword{CustomModelData:40000} /give @p minecraft:crossbow{CustomModelData:40000} /give @p...
  4. FritzAngelos

    Wrath of the Franks v1.1

    important-info * them pack has 3 set of configs 1 for optifine 1 for vannila and 1 for Mccosmetis if your are playing vannila a recommend that install Mccosmetics as well for a better experence since it adds more content and it is way better on my opnion them vannila. *alternative buy-link in...
  5. FritzAngelos

    NorthMan v1

    What is this pack contains. 1-set of armor . 2-items(axe/shield). 3-confing for optifine and vannila. 4-guide/tutorial with the commands and intrutions on how to get the items. aslo if you have any requests or sugestions feel free to dm-me on my discord(Fritz#7564).
  6. Tof

    Toffys Armor V.2 - Townsfolk 2022-02-03

    Fully functional in vanilla java. This pack includes: Peasant Male Clothes Peasant Female Clothes Blacksmith Clothes Merchant Clothes Baker Clothes 3 Variations for all the clothes mentioned above Pre-made resource pack Instructions on how to get the items in-game Raw files (if you want to...
  7. TwistedDreams

    Clown Set & Armor [Edition 1] 1.0.0

    Themed Custom Set, including Armor, Cosmetic Hat, Weapons and Tools This resource is be compatible with MMOItems, and Oraxen if you correctly merge the pack, but can also be used without them using the provided Vanilla Resource Pack. Requirements: - Minecraft Java Edition 1.17+ - The Armor...