1. UiDisinger771

    ✨CorePackV2 (Cosmetics) ✨ +19 all Models⚡(30% OFF)⚡ 3D ⚡Decoration✅ 1.6

    What does this 3D models pack include? QUESTIONS MY DISCORD! This 3D models pack contains +18 models made in blockbench and textures used by minecraft vanilla, some of them customized. (Features) ✓ They are delivered to you in zip format. ✓ Each model in the zip is in .json for editing. ✓...
  2. S

    DELETE 1.0

  3. Tof

    Toffys Crates & Keys V.1 2021-12-12

    Fully functioning in vanilla java. This pack includes: – Simple crate with 5 variations – 3 Premium crates – Keys for all the mentioned crates above – Pre-made resource pack – Instructions on how to get the models in-game – Raw files (If you want to add them yourself)
  4. Tof

    Toffys Santa Pack 2021-10-25

    No need for plugins, client mods (optifine) or data packs. This is fully functioning in vanilla java. This pack includes: 3D Model: Santa’s hat Custom Armor + 2D Icons for: Santa’s scarf, suit, pants and boots. Includes instructions: Option 1: Resource pack for vanilla usage (usable...
  5. EnderIzzy124

    Izzy's Hats - Volume 1 1.0

    Izzy’s Hats – 1 A grab-bag collection of hats for cosmetic crates! Be the life of the party with 8 custom hats for your server! There are 8 hats included in this first asset pack for you to use on servers, or for any other purpose. For more detailed information please check out the...
  6. cazfps

    Cazfps x6 Epic quality Hats 1.0

    This pack contain x6 epic quality hats. License and Usage: -You do not have the right to resell this models or share them with anyone. -Once you buy them you can only use them in your server or for your own in game usage. -Credit of making this models goes back to cazfps and only him...