1. MineInAbyss

    HudConditions for HappyHUD 0.3

    An addon for HappyHUD to replicate the conditional functionality of vanilla hud. Originally meant as a personal addon, but seeing as a few people had interest in it, I made it into a standalone addon plugin as well Note: This addon does not contain any of the assets or textures showcased...
  2. LaDieS_Elisa

    [Skript] TiNY Tent 1.0

    TiNY Tent This skript is a tent gui skript. You can use it by type "/tinytent" or use it with custom monster like Mythicmob or ModelEngine and click at them to execute the command. This skript has a custom gui using Itemsadder, so It's require Itemsadder and Skript :D commands : /tinytent...
  3. LaDieS_Elisa

    [Skript] TiNY Mailbox 1.0

    TiNY Mailbox You can send a message and items in this milbox skript to other players. It's easy to use and you can change the GUI with your own design. commands : • /mailmenu to open the menu permission : •
  4. X_Niter

    HungerIsStamina 2021-09-04

    HungerIsStamina "The MMOCore Addon that many asked for, time and time again" HungerIsStamina's only purpose was to fulfill a custom need for a full-fledged Stamina system in the Minecraft game. The original intent was to simply make running take away stamina and sync it with the hunger bar...
  5. muhahahahe

    MythicMobsExtension v1.239

    This plugin adds onto MythicMobs via API. At the current state it offers: 60+ new mechanics 50+ new conditions 10 new targeters Also comes with a NAN fix that some custom plugins can create ie: item plugins, where the player is immune to take any damage. Adds a new Bukkit entity mythic_parrot...
  6. Narcissu14

    MythicPapi - Conditions and placeholders addon 1.1

    MythicPapi Now you can use PlaceholderAPI's placeholder as MythicMobs skill condition! Dependencies Mythicmobs PlaceholderAPI Usage You can find valid Placeholder here. And of course any your own made expansion's placeholder. But make sure you have loaded all the expansions that you want...
  7. BerndiVader

    mmAnimatorStands 0.462a

    AnimateStands 4 MythicMobs Ever wanted to have some fun with animated ArmorStands? Or do you want to make your bosses even more amazing? Then you should try this out. How to install and how to use can you find at the github link above. Have fun!
  8. BerndiVader

    mmSkriptAddon 0.92a

    MythicMobs Skript Addon for MythicMobs 4.0.1 Release or higher First, yes i know i posted it as thread somewhere here but hey i finally learned how to add resources so why not, makes it better to inform about updates and stuff..... Make your own SkillMechanics or Conditions or work with with...
  9. BerndiVader

    mmDenizenAddon 0.495a

    mmDenizenAddon - a Denizen addon 4 MythicMobs support works on MythicMobs 4.0.0 / 4.0.1 & maybe DevBuilds. At git you can download the lastest version and you find all the syntax there with a few simple examples. Thanks goes to @Rickyling for...
  10. W

    Random lore strings 0.2

    With this addon you can add to your lore something like this - '[{1-3};Option1: {1-5};Option2: {1-5};Option3: {1-5}]' This item returns a randomly selected strings depending on the number of a given number from options. [<Amount of strings>;String1;String2;String3] Number of strings less...