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TIMEDITEM ➥ expire to items [1.18X - 1.19X] ♛ (Useful for premium items) 2.0 2022-08-05


Plugin was created as private for our server to sustain the economy
we wanted to reward the players for things but not to have too many of those things in the world because then they would lose value.

we've made a plugin that gives any thing in the game expiration time

is now available for all users specifically at MCMarket and you can purchase
a license that does not expire, with all updates to new versions of Minecraft

Put custom time on an item

With this plugin, you can add an expiration date to any item in your hand, thus reducing the oversalytion of a valuable item on the server and rewarding the players​

Time status on items

At any given moment, you can track now many time are left until the expiration date​

Custom items

Plugin supports all custom items that are on the server​

Ingame commands​

Plugin is easy to use through commands in a game​

This plugin can be useful for custom things on your server but it can also be used for any ordinary thing

✅ Support with team in tickets

✅ Bug Fixes

✅ New Updates

✅ Fully configured

For half a decade we have been developing custom plugins and scripts with implementation on
our server which is the most popular Minecraft server in Central Europe, with the experience
of us and our team and knowing what is missing from minecraft servers in general,
we have opened an agency that is available as Marketplace where everyone can obtain our services
and use them for themselves with constant support and security in the service.

We are the first team to implement WEB3 and blockchain technology on game servers and on Minecraft as a game

WEBSITE: https://hogostudios.com

❗️ with the purchase of this add-on you get full support on official Discord server ❗️

may also contact the text message on Discord before purchasing :)

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