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{MOB PACK} The Ultimate Mob Pack {IN PROGRESS} 1.3.1

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-------------------------------------------------------The Ultimate Mob Pack------------------------------------------------------------

This mob pack has 100+ mobs to add to your game! Breaking that down you have 100+ mobs and 15+ bosses along with many factions, some who target others and some who are at peace. Although it's still a work in progress and isn't finished yet the attached file has all the required data so far and you guys can keep checking this to see when the pack will be fully released, maybe for free. The mobs listed are the mobs that have been made so far, although you can't download them yet you can see how some factions interact with each other and how each mob and boss created so far work, along with some of their skills (don't wanna spoil too much ;)). Please leave a suggestion and/or review for this if you like it.


Cretin: A weak mob, that's has no special ability and can be killed with your fist easily, also has no special drops. Part of the zombie faction.
Walker: A slow and weak zombie that is easy to kill but will give you slowness if it hits you and is part of the Zombie faction.
Runner: A fast and weak zombie, this zombie has double the health and strength of the walker and will give you poison when it hits you and is a part of the Zombie faction.
Archer: A skeleton that has the same stats as the runner but has a bow instead of its fists, this mob has the ability to shoot a barrage of arrows at you dealing a moderate amount of damage, also another member of the zombie faction.
Tank: The tank has double the health of the archer but is really slow making it easy to kill with long-range but if you get close to it you get a really bad poisoning from it and has some really heavy-hitting skills.
Spryth: A ghost that can have a heavy hit, along with that the Spryth will stun you and light you on fire with each hit but only at a 50% chance each time it hits you, along with that this mob is a vex so killing it is going to be annoying. Part of the Ghost faction
Aethe: A phantom that has a considerate amount of health and will stun you for 2.5 seconds 100% of the time when it hits you, also is part of the ghost faction.
Ikumina: A bloodthirsty mob that was from ancient times, this mob has some strong skills long with its strong armor, weapons, and features taking down this mob is not easy. Part of the Daedra faction. Will automatically target the Naragi faction.
Briiath: This daedra is weaker than the last but that doesn't mean anything with its strong armor and weapon, as well as its powerful skills, the Daedra's are a lost civilization with powers of unknown origin. Will automatically target the Naragi faction.
Vratucath: The Vratucath is a super-strong Daedra that can easily vanquish almost anything he comes in contact with, including the player. With three rows of health, this daedra is quite a beast, not to mention its armor and weapon all with outstanding enchantments. But that's not all, this daedra has two skills, one of which he will damage you and give him health back, the other skill will cripple you for 1 second making you completely useless and disabling you to do anything while the daedra get a free hit on you. Will automatically target the Naragi faction.
Vrodruine: This mob is also strong although the Vratucath is stronger this mob still can decimate many foes that happen to cross it. The Daedra's will all be passive to the player as long as they don't hit them, the Daedras will also kill any other monster that they come across, these mighty warriors are worthy of battle and will aid the player in battle. Will automatically target the Naragi faction
Rokihi: This tree-like mob is weaker although, in groups they can be very powerful, the Rokihi has some powerful skills despite its weak damage and decent health. The Rokihi will distract its opponent with overpowered drops that get dropped by him and will take whatever advantage they can get to get the upper hand in the battle. Will target the Daedrs automatically.
Nairi: This mob is barely stronger than the last, still with an impressive amount of damage despite all its weaknesses, and just like the last mob it will also be a lot better in packs of mobs than by itself, has a special ability to slow down its enemy and take as many hit while you're slowed. Will automatically target the Daedra faction.
Kaagi: This mob that is also part of the Naragi factions is the strongest of all the faction's mobs. Not just this it can distract the player with OP items and get its hits in which do a considerate amount of damage to its enemies, all of the Naragi will target players as well as the Daedra and if both are in its vicinity it will target the Daedras before the player. Why those two factions have beef is unknown.


Eas'icus: Part of the Daedra faction, it has four rows of health along with some serious damage and overpowered armor and weapons, this daedra is quite the beast and will kill ANYTHING that dares challenge it, it is really hard to kill so be wary...
ZombBoss: The ZombBoss is a mini-boss that has triple the stats of the tank and has three special abilities: Pull and Push: This ability will grab the player and bring it to the Boss, then it will throw the player dealing damage and fall damage. FireStarter: This ability will hurt the layer and turn their screen red. DeleteItem: This ability is by far the most OP because any players within a certain area will have their held item deleted, of course, they can combat this by switching to a slot with nothing in it. The player WILL get a notice before their item gets deleted although they will only get a three-second warning...


Nainug: The Nainug is an almighty powerful boss, but even though its a boss doesn't mean that a Daedra cant vanquish it with a few problems, but if you add multiple you have a problem there, it can and will crush what it wants when it wants with no relative problems. Especially with its skills, nothing even stands close. Part of the Naragi faction.
The destructor is a wither that has many attacks, some have set times and some trigger when the player does certain actions, a random event (skill) will be chosen every 3 minutes to occur, these will be hard and will not help the player. Along with this, the Destructor will combust on death making lighting strike every player that deals 10 hearts and will summon 3 Broken Destructors that will have half health and damage to players. When one of those three withers is killed, it will summon three Mini Destructors that have half health and damage than the Broken Destructor. Totaling to 14 withers being killed before 100% completing the boss, and keep in mind that even the Mini Destructors are stronger than a normal wither so beating these withers is no easy feat! If you have any suggestions please tell me I'm always looking to make my packs better and if you like my work then please leave a rating. Is part of the wither clan.
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