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[Joke] Donald Trump V1.0

[Joke] Donald Trump V1.0 v 1.1

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Why not make a Donald Trump mob and have him run around firing players?

This mob took about an hour to figure out and only has the one skill but I hope you enjoy!

Mythic Mobs: 2.4.4 Version here:
Spigot: 1.9.2 R0.1
Mob: http://pastebin.com/ZwpSxugV
Skills: http://pastebin.com/2fTKcSUx

- Moved from Showcases.
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  1. Bug fixes + A Small loan

    Updated Donald to fix his skin and his "you're fired again" skill. Added new skill: - A small...

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Donald Trump makes it easy to scare players... They will wonder when they get fired :P
Honestly dante i expected better of you..... This is just terrible This man fired me
If you expected better of me, perhaps you should try a mob of mine that isn't a joke? xD
Lol I think I just found an April Fool's Day mob. I did have to edit the skin, though because the skin was set to "DanaldTrump" when it should be DonaldTrump so if anyone has that problem, there's a fix. :) Otherwise, Trump looks like Steve (oh nuuu ;-;...) and I'm not positive but I don't think the YoureFiredAgain skill is working but the YoureFired skill works like a charm! I also love that he drops his "hair" lmao. Thanks for sharing this resource. :)
I think I'll add a command that gives someone a "small loan of $10,000" with a message when he dies.
Thank you for your review! I will update the mob with some fixes. This is a straight import from Showcases section. Ill probably add a "Building a wall" skill and a overpowered mode called "Becoming President"