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{FREE MOB PACK} Village Guards 1.1.1

  1. 1.16
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| MOB PACK 2 |
I made this mob pack for fun. This pack has three guards for your town/village that are listed below:

| Weak Guard |
A weak guard for your town can be used to protect it from weaker mobs that might cross your village.

| Moderate Guard |
A guard with double the stats of the weak guard, along with this if you get within a 5 block vicinity of this guard you will receive regeneration 1. this guard can vanquish all of your moderate mobs (hence the name) that might be unlucky enough to cross this guard.

| Strong Guard |
This guard has double the stats of the moderate guard along with a permanent regeneration 3 effects as long as the player is within 10 blocks of the guard, this guard also has a special ability to lunge itself at its target striking its target with lightning dealing 5 hearts of damage and destroying your target with its great damage and 4 rows of health. This guard can defeat even some of the weaker/mini-bosses your village might face and can decimate any normal mob with ease.

If you like this pack and want to see more of these consider rating it, and leave a suggestion for something else you want me to make.
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