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{FREE MOB PACK} Mob Pack 1 1.1.1

  1. 1.16
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| MOB PACK 1 |
I made this mob pack off of a suggestion made by Cavemine on Planet Minecraft, this pack has three mobs (technically four) which Include:

| Ghoul |
A weak but fast mob, this mob can be easily killed by anything, even with your fist

| Skeleton Brute |
This mob is strong but slow, the Skeleton Brute has full iron armor with some mild enchants along with a netherite axe that has some good enchants as well. This mob can kill you with ease if you let it get close but can be easily vanquished by shooting it from afar.

| Zombie Carrier |
This is a moderate zombie that wields a stone sword and an axe. This zombie can deal a heavy hit but like the brute can be taken out from a distance but when it dies it spawns five baby zombies to come and kill you.

If you like this pack and want to see more of these consider rating it, and leave a suggestion for something else you want me to make.
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