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Christmas Advent Calendar Reward GUI

Christmas Advent Calendar Reward GUI 2021-11-22

Required Dependencies
GUI Plugin such as BetonQuest or DeluxeMenus (BretonQuest Config provided)

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Advent Calendar Reward GUI

By using the included resource pack, or by merging it with your own, you can create an awesome Advent Calendar Reward GUI for your network, perfect for the lead up to Christmas

This resource is be compatible with ItemsAdder, MMOItems and Oraxen if you correctly merge the pack, but can also be used without them. We recommend using BetonQuest as have provided a beautiful configuration file for you (thanks Fred), though you can use your own GUI plugin such as DeluxeMenu’s!

The vote menu configuration file for BetonQuest is included, with 908 lines of configuration.
It’s written with RPGMenu which is built into BetonQuest 2.0 or as an addon to BetonQuest 1

Make your server that one bit better, this festive season. What are you waiting for? Throw me in your basket and reward your players!
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