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⭐ MMOItems Vanilla 350+ Block & Translation ⭐ 0.2

  1. 1.16
Required Dependencies
Triton, MMOItems, MIReplacer2
Language Support: 简体中文, English (The translation may not be 100% correct)

You can download dependencies here:

Triton: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/triton-translate-your-server.30331/
MIReplacer2: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/mireplacer2-requires-mmoitems.70961/

WARN: This may have missed 1% block





And i use python for auto spawn
Source code here:

import json import requests def translate(word): # 有道词典 API url = 'http://fanyi.youdao.com/translate?smartresult=dict&smartresult=rule&smartresult=ugc&sessionFrom=null' key = { 'type': "AUTO", 'i': word, "doctype": "json", "version": "2.1", "keyfrom": "fanyi.web", "ue": "UTF-8", "action": "FY_BY_CLICKBUTTON", "typoResult": "true" } response = requests.post(url, data=key) if response.status_code == 200: return response.text else: print("Failed to invoke Youdao Dictionary") return None def get_reuslt(repsonse): result = json.loads(repsonse) return result['translateResult'][0][0]['tgt'] def spawnMI(display, name, material, tier, triton): if not triton: print(f"{name}:\n" f" base:\n" f" material: {material}\n" f" name: \"{display}\"\n" f" tier: {tier}") else: print(f"{name}:\n" f" base:\n" f" material: {material}\n" f" name: \"[lang]mi.name.{display}[/lang]\"\n" f" tier: {tier}") def spawnTT(key, ZH, EN): print(f"," "\n{" "\n \"key\": \"mi.name.{key}\",".replace("{key}", f"{key}"), "\n \"type\": \"text\"," "\n \"languages\": {" "\n \"en_GB\": \"{EN}\",".replace("{EN}", f"{EN}"), "\n \"cn_ZH\": \"{ZH}\"".replace("{ZH}", f"{ZH}"), "\n }" "\n}", end="") if __name__ == '__main__': # Enter Spawn List Here: block = ["WOODEN_SWORD", "STONE_SWORD", "IRON_SWORD", "GOLDEN_SWORD", "DIAMOND_SWORD", "NETHERITE_SWORD"] ch = input("(1. MMOItems, 2. Triton, 3. MIReplacer, 4. manual):") r = 0 if ch == "1": for i in block: spawnMI(i.replace("_", "-").lower(), i.upper(), i, "COMMON", True) elif ch == "2": for i in block: spawnTT(i.replace("_", "-").lower(), get_reuslt(translate(i.replace("_", " ").title())), i.replace("_", " ").title()) r += 1 elif ch == "3": for i in block: print(f"{i.upper()}: MATERIAL.{i.upper()}") elif ch == "4": while 1: inp = [None, None, None, None, None, None, None] inp[0] = input("Display: ") inp[1] = input("ID: ") inp[2] = input("Material: ") inp[3] = input("Tier: ") inp[4] = input("EN: ") inp[5] = input("CN: ") spawnMI(inp[0].replace("_", "-").title(), inp[1].upper(), inp[2].upper(), inp[3], True) spawnTT(inp[1], inp[4], inp[5])
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Love that you added more blocks, tho I noticed there's still a lot of them that are missing.
Literally what I want! Although could you please add more blocks? Other than that amazing work!
I was actually personally also trying to do this, I hope you can add most blocks. Keep it up :D