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v2.3.0 has been released!

This build includes extensive scoreboard support, the powerful new Signal skill and associated features, colored particles, new random spawning tools, and many new useful skills! And much more!

See the changelog for the full list of additions and fixes. The manual will be fully updated soon.

Grab it here: ... bs-v2-3-0/
Fix for random spawners in this version can be found here: ... omspawners

You can discuss this release in this thread. Enjoy everyone!
v2.2.0 has been released! This build includes a lot of bug fixes, as well as a few small but very impactful features. We decided to focus mostly on bug fixes for this release due to the overwhelming desire from the community for a polish-centric update, so hopefully this delivers a bit. We will continue evaluating bug reports and fixing valid ones as they come in.

As for Major Features, this build also supports Vanilla Targeters. This feature is huge for people with map-making experience, and some VERY interesting things have already come out of the community using the dev builds for it (Monorails? really? who knew?). This feature will be as huge or as small as you make it, but it should provide some huge relief for those seeking scoreboard integration, certain target conditions we don't support yet, and other things.

This release also includes several game-breaking new skill mechanics, such as Missile and the BlockMask Effect. Manual update for these coming very soon!

Grab it here: ... bs-v2-2-0/

You can discuss this release in this thread. Enjoy everyone!
I've gone through and done a major update on all the skills and effects in the manual. Hopefully those sections should be much clearer and easier to understand now. As always I will continue updating other parts of the manual in the future.

Let me know any feedback/suggestions!
Coming soon to Spigot (and possibly Sponge)...

You've gotten good at making mobs. Perhaps you've even mastered it, creating bosses beyond your wildest dreams that crush your players hopelessly. Your world is a place of danger and destruction, with enemies and monsters the likes of which blow your player's minds...

But something is missing...

Your players fight with cheap iron swords, or perhaps diamond, but their attacks are weak. How can your players hope to face down the incredible foes you have created? Perhaps you give them magical spells, or use one of the many class plugins available to give players progression and abilities. Heroes, MagicSpells, SkillAPI, LegendQuest, ItemLoreStats... there are many options out there for player skills and progression. But perhaps you've felt it... your classes, your players, aveh never quite been as good as your mobs.

Until now.

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could create player classes using MythicMobs? Have you ever wanted to give your players your complex and beautiful MythicMobs abilities, or perhaps bind them to items, or scrolls, or even potions? Have you ever wished there was a more complex, more flexible RPG plugin out there that could combine the features of all the best class plugins... customizable levels, attributes (including item attributes), skill trees, actionbar support, full item integration, etc... with a truly robust skill system?

It may be coming...

Regular players can't hope to take on your bosses. You need... Champions.

Reply to or like this post if this perked your interest, and spread the word. The more interest that is generated, the more likely this will become a reality. You can also follow me on Twitter @xikage

Until next time!
Now updated to 2.1.9 with even less bugs! I hope

Includes even more bug fixes! Tons of them! And a few little extra goodies (not all of which are in the changelog...)

Grab it here: ... bs-v2-1-9/

Please post all bug reports in the bug tracker forum as usual!

MythicMobs v2.1.4 has been released.

Includes numerous bug fixes. Please check the changelog for more info.

Grab it here! ... bs-v2-1-4/
Hello to the couple people that will actually read this!

I just wanted to let everyone know what the current plans are going forward and perhaps to collect a little feedback... I'll update this thread occasionally with what I'm currently planning on adding for the next few major releases.

Feel free to respond to this thread if you have any feedback regarding my development timeline!

---- v2.2.0 - Mob Spawning Improvements and Conditions update

Will likely be released mid-November

At this time I'm planning on a complete (optional) rewrite of Minecraft's mob spawning code, to give people finer control over it. This will allow mobs to be configured to spawn during the day, in bright light, in the air, sea, or where ever. This will also fix the problem with mobs spawning in the water all the time.

As they are related, I am also planning on rewriting much of the conditions system. The format will likely not change, but it will become a lot more flexible, have better performance, and many new conditions will be added. This will also include Target Conditions.

This update may also include support for having bosses display on Dynmap.

---- v2.3.0 - Randomized Skills and Lore, or the "Diablo" Update.

Currently aiming for the end of the year for this update. This often-requested update will include options for setting randomized skillsets for mobs and any necessary options for making a system where you could create "Diablo" style mobs with random affixes, abilities, etc.

This will likely also include options to give mobs special lore, descriptions, and other flavor attributes that players can scry to learn more about mobs, to enhance the RPG immersion for players.

---- Future TBD

Additional features coming in the future include:
- Sponge support
- Players being able to join mob factions.
- Additional Custom AI
- Improvements for all existing systems
- Other features I'm not ready to talk about yet...

Thanks everyone! Keep making mobs!
MythicMobs 2.1.2 has been released!

This release includes some bug fixes caught since the release of 2.1.1, including fixing the dreaded equipment bug.

You can grab it here: ... bs-v2-1-2/

MythicMobs 2.1.0 has been released!

2.1.0 includes a huge number of bug fixes, along with tons of new skills, options, and tweaks.

v2.1.0 includes two huge features, the biggest being Immunity Tables, covered in my last forum post, which allow mob damage immunity to be per-player instead of global. They will be huge for servers with large multi-player bosses.

The second huge feature comes with the mob scaling improvements. You can now define per-world "default" scaling for mob levels, and also easily scale up mobs from your spawn point. There are also several new options for mob scaling: POWER allows your mobs ability damage to scale up, while ARMOR reduces damage taken by a flat amount. These will allow you to make a mobs' level far more impactful.

There are also several small, but impactful, changes to drop tables. One big change is that you can now set minimums and maximums on the number of item-based drops from drop tables. Secondly, you can now also have drop tables drop other drop tables. Lastly, drop tables can now also include a DropsPerLevel section. Together these options will give you much more flexibility when designing item drops.

Aside from that, v2.1.0 has focused mainly on smaller changes such as compatibility and bug fixes. 2.1 finally fixes the issue with MythicMob items not being usable by shop plugins. Some wonky damage issues have also been fixed when using MM with certain other plugins. Lots of new API hooks have also been added to help with more compatibility in the future.

Of course, there are also several new skills and effects that were requested by the community!

v2.1.0 is available on BukkitDev and Spigot:

You can discuss v2.1.0 in this thread but please keep all bug reports in the feedback forum.

Enjoy everyone!
Hello server admins!

Today I'd like to introduce a new feature that will be in the 2.1 release: immunity tables. You're probably wondering right away what that even means, and it might sound a little complicated, but this feature is anything but complicated! In fact, it only has 2 options and does not have any kind of API, so this will be a relatively short post.

The Problem!

So before I go over what Immunity Tables are I'd like to present a problem I'm 200% certain the very savvy mob creators out there have noticed: when you damage a mob in Minecraft, it is immune to damage that is equal to or less than the last hit taken for the next 10 ticks. This is represented by the mob turning red and being immune to most damage for half a second.

These are called the NoDamageTicks. They exist to prevent mobs from being obliterated by spammy players, poisons, lava, fire, etc and funny things happen when you take them away completely.

The problem with NoDamageTicks is that, if you have a massive raid boss with 20k health and 10 players hitting it, in reality it is taking the same damage it would if 1 player were hitting it - the mob can only take damage once every half second, which one player can easily do, so 1 vs 10 vs 100 players doesn't really even make a difference unless you have tons of extra mobs in the fight for other players to spread out and kill.

Some server admins don't think about it, but it can be a huge problem when designing one big bad-ass boss - until now.

So what are Immunity Tables?

Immunity Tables are a new feature for MythicMobs 2.1 that fix the problem outlined above. Enabling ImmunityTables makes the mob track each player's damage and assigns NoDamageTicks individually, so that the mob can only take damage every half second PER PLAYER instead of TOTAL. This means that 1 vs 10 players is a huge difference.

2.1 also includes its own NoDamageTicks option, so you can set how long the mob is immune. ImmunityTables take this value into account.

How do you turn it on?

Enabling ImmunityTables on your mob is easy. Here is an example:

  Type: pig_zombie
  Display: '&6Hungry Hungry Pig Zombie'
  Health: 20000
    ImmunityTable: true
    ThreatTable: true
    NoDamageTicks: 10
That's it!

And you might notice I included ThreatTables in that example also. ThreatTables have also been moved to be under the "Modules" block, and any new special chunky features MythicMobs adds in the future will go under there. The old method under Options will continue working for ThreatTables though.


Hopefully you find this new feature useful. It solves what I see as a pretty big issue with large raid bosses in Minecraft.

Please let me know what you think! Thanks everyone!