rpg items

  1. Eliptik07

    Aztec Item Pack 2021-11-24

    almost no dependencies are required, but for the mask you can use oraxen or another hat plugin Contain: - Macuahuitl - Aztec Shield - Aztec Hat - Tlaximaltepoztli Support: https://discord.gg/ZfCC7amBu7
  2. LaGravedad LGDD

    ☩BloodPack☩ [Items] [Armor] - LGDD 2021-08-26

    made for: resource packs, optifine, MythicMobs, Oraxen or any plugin with a resource pack all images: ↓ https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yseua479lfms71h/AADM_ia_da_Ezno5FZdpNKEUa?dl=0
  3. Akaleaf

    Adventurer Sword 2021-06-20

    One of the necessities of a dangerous adventure. One of the Adventurer Swords Pack sword. Was modeled as a weapon for Minecraft (tested on 1.16 version). Can be downloaded as a json file. In-Game Screenshot This is a free sword from the Adventurer Swords Pack. The full version can be found...
  4. Akaleaf

    Adventurer Swords Pack 2021-06-20

    A dozen different swords in RPG Minecraft style. Was modeled as a weapon for Minecraft (tested on 1.16 version). Can be downloaded as a json files. In-Game Screenshots Not sure if this is what you were looking for? Try the free version of one of these swords: Adventurer Sword
  5. NoHaxJustDolphin

    Wings Of The Lord(Requires Mythic Artifacts)

    Hello guys, I have made a wing called Wings Of The Lord(actually it is an iron chest plate because there is no wing texture in vanilla Minecraft ;-;) Anyway, Here is the items and skills: How to use: crouch(hold shift) to fly for maximum 5 seconds,cool down 10 seconds Release the shift button...
  6. OneDisik

    Create items in the game

    You have an excellent plug-in that is updated very frequently, but it is unfortunately hard to do when there is no RPG things for the genre. I would like you to introduce into the game the ability to create things such as in MoreItems, and that there were different magical attributes, in general...